The Sims 4 is filled with worlds that are incredible to build and play in– many of which have their own unique style and events. Here are ten that have stuck with me over the time that I’ve played. I made sure to include all three base game worlds so that this list is able to cover the pack-free experience.

10.) Willow Creek

Bo-ring! There are plenty of lots to build on, but nothing about this world sticks out to me. The design of the houses is niche and gets old quickly. I don’t get inspired here, and I usually only go if I want to visit the Pancakes or the Goths.

9.) Brindleton Bay

The saving grace from me also calling this world boring is the lighthouse lot. It’s such a cool lot that I have renovated it into houses and rentals alike an unbelievable amount of times. It’s fun that your sims can do some exploring right from their dwelling. The coastal town is cute and I like that there’s variety, but Brindleton Bay is just kind of forgettable. There are just more fun lots to build on.

8.) Glimmerbrook

This world is gorgeous! With four lots, it’s embarrassingly small, but that does make sense since it wasn’t part of an expansion pack. The smallness does also add a cozy vibe that I enjoy. Basically, Glimmerbrook is very pretty and I just wish there was more of it.

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7.) Copperdale

This world is similar to Brindleton Bay and Willow Creek, but it’s much prettier. I like the house style and love all the trees surrounding it. Major bonus points for placing a fair I don’t even need a loading screen to get to!

6.) Oasis Springs

This one has my heart. Let me explain: for people without many (or any) Expansion Packs, it makes a phenomenal vacation world. I love bulldozing it and utilizing the different sections to make exciting new areas of town. It looks unique enough from many of the greener worlds that this feels like just the place for my sims to get away to the desert– something that feels realistic.

5.) San Myshuno

Into the city! This might be one of the most unique worlds in the game, and with the town square, festivals, and Stargazer’s Lounge, it is quite an exciting place to be. Apartment gameplay can be somewhat lackluster, though, so I’m excited to see if the new pack coming in December picks up where it left off.

4.) Newcrest

I love the creativity that is offered by a completely blank world in The Sims 4. That said, the environment is, well… not super interesting. It just kind of looks like standard suburbia. Was the advent of an empty world fun? Absolutely, and it’s nice not to have to bulldoze lots! A lot of people would probably prefer it to be filled in or placed in a more unique atmosphere, though.

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3.) Chestnut Ridge

This world is beautiful. Chestnut Ridge is the newest world to The Sims 4, and it shows. Visually, this place is stunning with water and the canyons rolling through the landscape. It is also a very unique world, which makes it super exciting. I love making farmhouses here!

2.) Windenburg

To be honest, I thought Windenburg was overrated when I first started playing this game in 2021. Since then, though, I have become enamored with the Tudor style and the abundance of lots to build on. I think the island is pretty cool and like that there is variance between the more rural lots and the center of town. This makes for inspiring building, and that makes this simmer happy.

1.) Henford-On-Bagley

I am exactly the crowd EA was appealing to with the release of Cottage Living in The Sims 4. I love the cozy atmosphere and how the town is lively and full of stories. I enjoy how it integrates with other packs– for example, I usually have my sims bring their horses here and not Chestnut Ridge. The fact that fairs exist is awesome (although I wish there was more to do while you wait for the judging), and it absolutely has the best debug in the game hands-down.

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