Ensure Link benefits from working smarter, not harder. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom introduces abilities that span as far as your creativity will take you. From crossing different terrains and scaling buildings, to defeating the toughest bosses; abilities are crucial for your success in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. With the five abilities you acquire and some other helpful tools you will be ready for Link’s journey in the Kingdom of Hyrule.


The Legend of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Ultrahand might end up being one of your favorite abilities. This power gives Link the ability to pick-up, move, and rotate objects. Additionally, you are able to combine items in orders to make new gadgets and creations, like a bridge or even a new vehicle.

Let’s say you find yourself at the edge of a ravine and you want to get to the other side. Sure you can figure out how to scale down the side of one cliff and up the other. However, with Ultrahand you can save the time and stamina. By attaching nearby resources and/or zonai devices you can overcome the gap; don’t be scared to be unconventional and think outside the box.


Another ability you will acquire in Tear of the Kingdom is Fuse. Fusing tools can increase the durability, damage, or add an entirely new effect to Link’s weapon, arrow, or shield. All you have to do is equip the Fuse ability, find an object or resource and attach it to your current weapon; think like Macgyver!

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Perhaps Link is fighting a boss, but you feel like something is missing. If you add a rocket to Link’s shield he will be jumping high in the air. Or, see a nearby log? Use Fuse and attach a boulder in order to make an improvised hammer!


You won’t want to forget about this ability. Ascend will allow Link to move through solid objects above him. This means hillsides and ceilings will no longer equate to draining Link’s stamina. Additionally, you can create shortcuts when fighting certain enemies.

I mean, who actually enjoys getting out of a cave once you have defeated an enemy? Luckily with Ascend that isn’t necessary. Once selected, use Ascend by find the glowing circle located above you. By selecting this location, you will be transported to the hilltop outside of the cave.


Recall is the ultimate Uno reverse card. When using this ability Link manipulates an object by reversing its movement. Recall can be used on falling boulders, thrown weapons, or sending back projectiles, to make Link’s journey a little easier.

Have you found yourself at the bottom of a cliff, when you would rather be on top of the mountain? Activate Recall and Link can jump onto a boulder and trace the path it fell, so you can reach the summit with ease.

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Autobuild is the last ability unlocked. Link receives this ability during the quest “A Mystery in The Depths”. Once Link has this ability, he will be able to automatically build anything you have the resources for.

Don’t waste the time building a fancy weapon or vehicle, have Autobuild do the work for you. Just make sure you double check Link has everything needed!

Helpful Tools

Ground background from Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom with navigation, camera, and amiibo tool icons.


Camera is another tool you will have to unlock. Once unlocked Link can use the camera to complete the Hyrule Compendium; snapping shots of creatures, monsters, equipment, materials, and treasures items will add them to a personal encyclopedia. In addition, Link’s camera is essential for completing specific side quests.


Amiibo support is controlled through the settings. Each amiibo adds something unique, when first activated. Once a day you can activate your amiibos and receive special skills, tools, and/or weapons. The Legend of Zelda amiibos are sold separately.


Finally, a tool that is very straightforward but equally beneficial. The map tool will be very helpful as Link navigates through Hyrule. This tool helps you see all land explored, and unexplored, in one place.

A Plethora of Abilities

In conclusion. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has equip Link with the perfect abilities to overcome any obstacle. That is as long as you are willing to push your creativity and imagination to the limit. Just remember, don’t get overwhelmed, the game is in your control.

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available now on Switch.

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