The Path of the Open Hand are causing chaos around the galaxy, and cousins Mardo Ro and Yano Ro appear headed for a collision of values in the face of the Mother and her actions. In the upcoming Path of Vengeance, their story appears to be coming to an explosive head.

The follow-up to Tessa Gratton and Justina Ireland’s Path of Deceit just dropped its synopsis, leaving us anticipating its release date even more.

Set to debut in the upcoming months, Cavan Scott’s Path of Vengeance promises to continue where his predecessors left off. We continue to follow the Path of the Open Hand members as they search for more methods to cause mayhem. But, as they reach their destination, things don’t seem to go as planned. Here’s what we know right now.

Synopsis Revealed

path of vengeance, star wars, the high republic

This enthralling follow up to Path of Deceit finds cousins Marda and Yana Ro bound by blood but driven apart by faith.”

“Marda and Yana belong to the Path of the Open Hand, a group led by a charismatic woman called the Mother, which believes the Force must not be used by anyone. While Marda joins a perilous expedition to Planet X in search of more mysterious creatures to use against the Jedi, Yana finds herself forming an unexpected alliance with the father of her dead lover in an attempt to wrest the Path from the Mother’s control. These two young women will face a crossroads, forced to choose not only their fates but that of the galaxy itself.”

Synopsis from Path of Deceit

What Does it Mean?

the high republic, star wars

The Path of the Open Hand has been secretly causing all kinds of hijinx throughout the High Republic’s phase 2. I wonder what Planet X has to offer in itself and its connection to the force. It will be interesting to see how the two cousins, Marda and Yana Ro handle their allegiances and what path (heh heh) they decide to choose.

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At this point, I’m assuming Marda is searching for more gem-like eggs containing the force-eating Shri-Ka-Rai or “levelers” to eradicate the Jedi Order. If so, then the galaxy’s fate may indeed rest on Yana’s shoulders, though it doesn’t expressly state she’s physically with Marda. Despite what the synopsis says, there is always an unexpected twist and I’m waiting patiently to find out what is truly going to happen on Planet X.

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