Prime Video has many successful and amazing shows, however, The Boys seems to capture audiences in a way no other does. Filled with humor, gore, drama, and superheroes; here’s the story of The Boys (so far)

The World

This world is similar to ones we’ve seen in superhero movies before. A world filled with the acknowledgment that there are special people out there who wear capes and spandex while saving others.

Except in the world of The Boys, this seems to be a little bit more accepted than in other superhero stories.

The people with abilities, referred to as supes, are born with the gifts they have. As they grow, they’re approached by this company called Vought who helps these supes become actual superheroes. They give them a cape and a corny name, putting them out there to go save cats from trees.

Vought commercializes superheroes, they are the celebrities of the world. They’re the ones that are in the commercials, they’re the ones that are on special edition Pepsi cans. And when it comes to the superhero movies that we know? The supes simply play themselves in a dramatized version of their lives. People literally worship the superheroes and no one really bats an eye at it.

The Seven

For all of the commercialized supes, The Seven takes the cake.

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For The Boys, The Seven are the Avengers, the Justice League. They’re the guys.

The team is comprised of seven superheroes (of course) that changes every so often. Sometimes members “retire”, or maybe they go “missing”, things happen.

The leader of The Seven is none other than Homelander. All of the superheroes depicted in this show are somewhat of a parody of superheroes that actually exist. Some of these are more obvious than others (A-Train is clearly a parody of The Flash, The Deep is clearly a parody of Aquaman, etc) and some are more subtle.

Homelander, however, is very clearly supposed to be the Superman of the group. With his laser eyes and American flag cape, he’s the strongest, he’s the most influential, and he’s the best.


The Boys

While not referred to with a name during the show; these are The Boys.

They are non-supes (humans?) and their goal is to take down the evil and corrupt superheroes of the world along with the company that funds them.

Including one very big player.

You can probably guess who.

Each member of The Boys has their own vendetta against supes, their own reason for wanting to take them down, but they work together to make their goals reality.

The Story (very mild spoilers)

Our story follows Billy Butcher and The Boys as they try to take down Vought, The Seven, and Homelander.

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We’re going to leave Billy’s reason behind his contempt for Homelander spoiler free, but trust that he has a good one.

Seasons 1-3 have us following The Boys as they try everything they can to bring Homelander down for the good of the people and public. The leader of The Seven becomes more erratic and more unhinged as the show progresses, making it more and more urgent that they either kill him or force him to go away for good.

And it isn’t just Homelander that seems to be a villain disguised as a here; a good chunk of the heroes we meet are truly awful people. That’s why the focus eventually shifts from taking down Homelander, to taking down supe society as a whole.

We watch as The Boys scheme, plot, and sleuth their way into a Homelander cease fire… a very temporary one.

We also get to see how, even though supes are villainized in the eyes of The Boys, not all of them are bad and most of them are victims. This is a fact that Butcher struggles with throughout the series; the fact that supes can be good and aren’t all evil.

The Boy deals with the intricate ins and outs of a world controlled by powerful people. And even though we can clearly see that all of these supes are so powerful, that not only are they strong but the government also seems to back them and cover their mistakes; we still root for The Boys.

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They all experience some kind of loss throughout this show, whether before we begin following them or after. These losses bond them together and give them something to fight for.

Going into Season 4

Season 4 of The Boys premiers on June 13th on Prime Video.

Going into this season, we have a lot of unanswered questions and many new characters that are being brought into the fold. The stakes are much higher, the problems are much more complex and so are the solutions to them.

But still; we root for The Boys.

Are you excited for season 4? What are your predictions for the new season?

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