Oi. Despite The Boys‘ setting overrun with amoral supes, our main protagonist stands as a good-hearted everyman. Jack Quaid’s Hughie Campbell quickly became an iconic television protagonist for his endearing character and hilarious moments as a muggle in a world of supermen. Hugh Campbell, known as “Wee Hughie” in the comics, is a character who manages to survive even a world overtaken by Vought. Here is a breakdown of his entire story to help you know which direction it might go in next.

It goes without saying but spoilers.

Hughie’s Backstory

As stated above, Hughie is the “everyman.” He’s an electronics store employee living in New York living with his girlfriend. Early on in his life, his mother had divorced from his father (played by Simon Pegg, the basis for his appearance in the original comics). Afterwards, he grew to fear the idea of becoming a pushover like his father. Overall, one wouldn’t expect him to be a man set for any grand adventures…

A Crashing Inciting Incident

In the very first episode, Hughie saw Robin reduced to salsa by the speedster A-Train running right through her. After receiving paltry compensation, he gains a chance to get back at Vought when the vigilante Billy Butcher asks him for help bugging the main building. However, the invisible supe Translucent stalks him, who tries to kill him. Fortunately, Hughie puts his tech knowhow to use to electrocute him.

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Hughie joins the team after being forced on the run and must later kill Translucent. However, along the way Hughie meets and befriends Annie January/”Starlight”, a super dissiluisioned with Vought. The two go back and forth until Hughie is captured by Vought. As Starlight saves them, A-Train tries to attack them but has a heart attack from drug usage. Even with the chance to avenge his girlfriend, Hughie chooses to save A-Train before escaping.

This season established two aspects of his character, his moral character and his resourcefulness. Even when furious at Vought, he shouted “I’m sorry!” while spraying a machine gun to ward of agents. Next, even as a muggle, he was smart enough with technology to take out a super and spy on another.

Star-Crossed Lovers

Hughie, now on the run with the rest of the Boys, continues to follow Butcher along on his quests. This season, Hughie remains fairly peripheral to the plot. However, his relationship with Annie shines through as the two go on most of their missions together. His biggest moment this season was his infiltration of Vought Tower alongside the washed up supe Lamplighter.

This season further cemented his status as the “moral center” of the group. While Mother’s Milk was the one keeping everyone in line, the latter even compares Hughie as a “canary in the coal mine” as to whether or not Butcher was going to far on his quest for revenge.

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To Be a Man

Even with his newfound government position, the Boys’ work hadn’t ended. Even after joining Neuman’s Bureau for Supe Affairs, he quickly discovers a mind-blowing secret regarding her. Furthermore, he feels he needs to be a better guardian for Annie in an increasingly dangerous season. That’s when a new force joins the fray; V24, a temporary version of Compound V.

Desparate to be able to contribute to the team, he doses on it, gaining the power to spam teleportation. Along the way, he joins up with Soldier Boy, a predecessor to Homelander and an icon of toxic masculinity, the same idea of masculinity Hughie begins to slip into. With the power of teleportation, Hughie manages to go toe to toe with other supes, and during one battle their team comes within a hair’s width of killing Homelander himself.

However, by the end of the season they find out V24 is actually lethal if overused. Ultimately, Hughie backs down and realizes being a man doesn’t mean one has to be strong, aggressive, and always in control. To summize the past three seasons, Hughie’s character is a lesson in sticking to one’s principles, working with your allies, and refusing to give into the same toxic ambition of those around him.

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The Current Season

Now, after three whole seasons of fighting Vought, Hughie is once again just a muggle caught in between the struggles of supehumans, some on his side and others foes. However, at the beginning of the season, his old man suffers a stroke and his mother, Daphne, finally returns. With Neuman’s campaign alongside Bob Singer for president, hopefully he and the rest of the Boys can survive this latest season.

The Boys releases its episodes on Amazon Prime.

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