Hades offers dozens of Infernal Arms with unique modifications and upgrades. Here are some of the best to master if you want to reach the surface. I won’t mention the hidden aspects as they largely affect the general weapon playstyle.

Aegis- Aspect of Zeus

Zeus Aspect Hades Aegis

Currently, this is the most desired weapon for many Hades speedrunners. Aegis is generally stronger than its fellow Infernal Arms; it provides a large dash and blocks damage with Bull Rush.

Its Special flings a large AOE shield that continually hits whatever is in its path and stays out in the field. You can recall it early to have it return to you. This weapon pairs well with just about any god’s boon; my favorites are Ares, Athena, Demeter, and Zeus. Mind you, Athena causes a noise RACKET.

Empowering Flight Hades Aegis

Concerning Daedalus Hammer upgrades, I recommend two. Pulverizing Blow can be niche if you space your Special well, so you can rack up even more damage. Empowering Flight is great to enhance your attack damage as your giant flying shield be hitting enemies constantly.

Coronacht- Aspect of Chiron

Chiron Aspect Hades Coronacht

If you prefer a more ranged approach, I like using Coronacht’s Aspect of Chiron. Instead of a fan of arrows, Chiron focuses its Special onto the target you’ve attacked last. You trade AOE for focused, singular burst damage. Your Special can still be intercepted by foes, so you won’t lose all your AOE. This may sound like a downgrade, but you’ll fell mobs and bosses more efficiently.

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Because it dispenses your Special differently, I use Artemis, Demeter, Dionysus, and Zeus. They pair well with Poseidon’s attack Boon to keep away foes. Ares works well too; you’ll need his Dire Misfortune and Impending Doom Boons.

Piercing Barrage Hades Coronacht Daedalus Chiron
Chain Shot Coronacht Hades Daedalus

Many Daedalus Upgrades synergize with Chiron. Piercing Volley is great for eliminating Armor. Chain Shot is unique as it can bounce and extend range. Your Attacks and Special travel further to reach faraway foes, all the while hitting closer ones.

Relentless Barrage Hades Daedalus Coronacht

Relentless Volley is nice since it adds four extra Special shots. But what you really want is Concentrated Volley. It adds stacking damage to consecutive Special hits, literally perfect for Chiron.

Varatha- Aspect of Achilles

Achilles Aspect Varatha Hades

Varatha the spear may not be as far-reaching as Coronacht, but it still has great range. Achilles allows you to dash and rush incredibly far, so you’ll reach just about anyone. In addition, it empowers your next four attacks and/or Casts for more damage.

Despite its mobility and damage, there aren’t many Boons to go off its Special. That’s why I like Aphrodite, Ares, or whatever synergizes best with your build. You could go for a Poseidon Special to catch minions by surprise and whale on them, but you’ll miss out on the Raging Rush damage.

There are many Daedalus upgrades, but two in particular improve Achilles’ special. Breaching Skewer is great against Armor. Vicious Skewer boosts your damage by 50% and grants 50% to crit on recovery. No matter what you do, you’ll always do damage when retrieving your spear.

Exploding Launcher Varatha Hades

This is risky, but you can rush into enemies and charge your Flaring Spin attack. You won’t be interrupted as it grants Sturdy, and you’ll pulse 40 damage around you. Achilles’ empowered damage should still apply.

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Unfortunately, Exploding Launcher will NOT benefit as I believe it destroys Varatha on impact, preventing you from rushing.

Malphon- Aspect of Talos

Maybe you like to be up-close and personal. Malphon, the fists, are for you. However, you may struggle to get to ranged enemies. Talos is the best gap-closer, it pulls enemies toward you. Similar to Achilles, Talos enhances your attacks and Casts for the next six seconds upon Special use.

Talos’ Special is used for its utility but can still do decent damage. Just about any Boon works, but I don’t recommend Athena nor Poseidon. Athena’s is too hard to time and visibly impossible. Poseidon does the opposite of Talos: he knocks away enemies.

Long Knuckle Hades Malphon

Because of its nature, this aspect simply does not mesh well with most Daedalus Upgrades, so you’ll want to enhance your attacks. Long Knuckle is rather redundant but may help against bosses. Your attacks gain range which doesn’t really synergize with Talos. But you deal an extra 10% damage with attacks.

Quake Cutter Malphon Hades
Colossus Knuckle Malphon Hades

Quake Cutter is one of the only Special upgrades that can apply to Talos. You deal 90 damage in an area after using your Special, but beware the animation as it takes some time. Collossus Knuckle is great overall as it makes you Sturdy during your attack and Special.

Zagreus Floors Hades Asphodel Elysium Tartarus Styx

If you’re struggling, we hope these Hades tips helped you. All Infernal Arms are fun, they just need time to get used to. There are probably even better weapons than these under the right conditions and upgrades. However, you’re never quite guaranteed the Boons and Daedalus Hammers you want. So, keep trying and you’ll reach the surface sooner or later.

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