We are now in the month of December and like the late great Brodie Lee always said “You Know What That Means”. Yes it is time to reflect on 2023 and the video games, and since I am a sports guy, my focus here will be on sports video games. There have been a lot of good sports game releases this year, but these are the best sports games of 2023.

Everyone is going to have there own opinion on this, so please be respectful. These are going to be the best Sports and Racing Games that I have played this year and I believe are the best sports and racing games of 2023.

AEW Fight Forever

Yes, I include professional wrestling on this list because it’s sports entertainment and, in my opinion, one of the greatest things on earth. As a huge fan of pro wrestling, I watch AEW (All Elite Wrestling) weekly. The launch of this game has been highly anticipated since 2020, and although many were disappointed, I wasn’t. AEW Fight Forever was such an enjoyable game to play. Playing as various pro wrestlers like Kenny Omega, Adam Page, The Acclaimed, Darby Allin, The Young Bucks, MJF, and others has been incredibly fun. I’ve enjoyed many modes, especially the Stadium Stampede match and the Casino Battle Royal. While the graphics aren’t outstanding, the gameplay is fantastic, making it an overall enjoyable game.

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Forza Motorsport

Forza Motorsport is one of the cleanest and most visually stunning video games I’ve played in a while. The graphics are incredibly cool, and every map is breathtaking. Moreover, the cars are amazing too, each one uniquely detailed, which really makes the game stand out. If you haven’t tried Forza Motorsport yet, you’re definitely missing out on an incredible racing simulator that shows off the power of the Xbox Series X.

MLB The Show 23

This game is the best among the 5 major sports leagues (Soccer, NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB). The gameplay is crisp, and the graphics are well done. The offline mode offers a tremendous benefit with the inclusion of the Negro Leagues, which is such an enjoyable addition to baseball history. It focuses on many great players like Satchel Paige, Jackie Robinson, Buck O’Neil, Rube Foster, Hilton Smith, Hank Thompson, John Donaldson, and MartĂ­n Dihigo. If you haven’t played these modes, then you’re missing out.

While some programs in the online mode have been annoying, especially with certain 95 and 97 overall ratings rewards, the Diamond Dynasty mode is fun. Whoever designed those cards should get a big bonus in their next check because the designs for those cards are absolutely beautiful. MLB The Show 23 was such a fun game and something that all of you reading should invest your money in to play when MLB The Show 24 comes out.

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Heck, Strangely Awesome Games even has a podcast discussing this game called MLB The Show Weekly. It is available to watch on both Spotify and Apple Podcast.

NHL 24

Many have not been a fan of how EA Sports have handled there games cough* cough* Madden 24 cough* cough*. However, EA Sports have done a great job making NHL games and NHL 24 is another great edition to the NHL series for EA. The franchise mode has been enjoyable to play and the HUT Mode has been a lot more cleaner and enjoyable to play. The gameplay is definitely upgraded compared to last game, especially in the online modes NHL 24 has to offer. While the offline modes are not the greatest, they are still fun and enjoyable modes to play with, especially the franchise and career modes.

WWE 2K23

wwe 2k23 john cena cover

It’s great to hear that you appreciate both WWE and AEW for their contributions to the world of professional wrestling. Enjoying different aspects of each company’s content and games is a testament to your love for the sport.

Regarding WWE 2K23, it seems there are some compelling reasons why you’d prefer it over AEW Fight Forever. The enhanced graphics, extensive roster featuring 202 pro wrestlers, and the unique Cena Series dedicated to John Cena’s career moments are certainly appealing aspects of the game. Despite Cena not being visible (pun intended!) in the game itself, the inclusion of his memorable career moments adds a special touch for fans.

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WWE 2K23 offers its own unique features and appeals, catering to different preferences within the wrestling community. The more options there are the better and 2K Sports did a very good job with this game.

Those are the best sports and racing games of 2023. Do you Agree with this list? What are your favorite Sports Video Games/Racing Games from this year? Let me know in the comment section and don’t forget to give the article a like as well.

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