There are lots of exciting new releases in the horror genre this year and we have compiled the top 8 for the month of September. From stories about haunted houses and cursed islands to making dangerous deals with the devil, there’s something for every type of horror fan. Authors like Stephen King and Laura Kat Young bring us stories that are terrifying reminders of the fragility of the human psyche and the dark secrets that lurk underneath.

What Kind of Mother

Clay Mcleod ChapmanSept, 12

Madi Price is a teen mom who reads palms for a living at a farmers market in Brandywine, Virginia. She runs into an old flame who lost a child and has now become a lonely fisherman, harboring some strange secret that alerts Madi when she reads his palm. She suddenly receives visions from his reading and is terrified to learn that a strange entity threatens the lives of her loved ones. What Kind of Mother is a Southern Gothic novel full of thrill and suspense as it takes readers on a journey to the center of a haunted labyrinth.


Stephen King – Sept, 5

One of Stephen King’s most ingenious characters in the trilogy of novels (Mr. Mercedes, Finders Keepers, and End of Watch), returns to solve multiple missing persons cases in the novel Holly. When the Finders Keepers detective agency is called up, Holly is reluctant to help due to extenuating circumstances. However, something tells her to pursue it nonetheless. The truth about the disappearances ends up being even more disturbing.

Grave Expectations

Alice Bell – Sept, 5

Claire Hendricks is a true crime fan working odd jobs when she is invited to a country pile. There she is accompanied by her friend Sophie the entire time she is at the party. However, Sophie isn’t alive and has been haunting Claire since she was murdered at 17 and it is up to Claire to solve the mystery. Grave Expectations is a wild and haunting whodunnit novel about a medium and her two friends who are dedicated to finding a girl’s murderer before it finds them too.

The September House

Carissa Orlando – Sept, 5

A couple buys a house for an amazing deal in The September House, but that deal could ultimately cost them their lives. Every September, the couple’s dream home turns into a nightmare as the walls drip with blood, noises are heard from the basement, and spirits dwelling in the house start appearing. Margaret decides to stick it out but her husband flees, leaving her and their daughter to search for him during the haunted month.

The Devil’s Promise

Celso Hurtado – Sept, 26

Erasmo Cruz is a paranormal investigator in San Antonio who exorcises other people’s demons but has trouble relieving his own in The Devil’s Promise. He is not in good health and his own grandmother is on her death bed leaving him feeling distraught. His newest client has made a deal with the devil and is now trying to escape. Erasmo must help him or else his client must sacrifice his child’s blood in order to pay back the devil for the dream life he bargained for. The devil never turns back on his promises.

Hemlock Island

Kelley Armstrong – Sept, 12

Inside Laney Kilpatrick’s vacation rental on a tiny island, lurks a creepy entity that has started to terrify renters and forced them to flee after discovering bloody bones, hexes, and nail marks in the closet. One day a body pokes out from the ground sending Laney and her family members into a panic and without an escape as their only means of transportation has been taken by someone. Who is trying to trap them on Hemlock Island?

The Collector

Laura Kat Young – Sept, 12

The Collector introduces readers to a frightening dystopia where people are not allowed to be overcome with grief or depression and must have their minds completely wiped if they do so. Lieutenant Dev Singh is battling his own depression as he journals other people’s mental illnesses, leading to the discovery by the bureau. He is then sent to a sanatorium where he will go through mental anguish as a punishment for his feelings and experience insanity.

Black Sheep

Rachel Harrison – Sept, 12

A young girl must confront her family’s secrets when she is invited to her cousin’s wedding on the family farm. When she realizes the dark nature of what they are hiding, she must find faith to cope with her family’s sinister revelations. Black Sheep reveals how people and places where we are supposed to feel safe can sometimes be our worst nightmares.

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