October is spooky month and the perfect time to enjoy the autumn weather and, not to mention a horror book or two. This month’s horror novels will thrill you, but beware, the night terrors might take a while to get over. From gothic novels about haunted mansions to teen short horror stories, there is something for everyone this month.

Beholder – Ryan La Sala (Oct 3)

Athan gets invited to New York’s artsy parties and begins to experience a charming life, but his whole world turns upside down after an invitation. He leaves for the bathroom inside a penthouse party and hears a scream. A boy pushes Athan inside a room while howls and screams ensue outside, and when he finally emerges, he finds himself as the main suspect in a mass murder. Determined to prove his innocence, Athan experiences occult secret societies and supernatural horrors as he looks for a way out. He soon realizes he has always felt this evil presence his whole life.

Nestlings – Nat Cassidy (Oct 31)

Reid and Ana have won an affordable housing lottery and can’t wait to move into their new Manhattan apartment with views of Central Park. Strange events start occurring, and Reid dismisses them as everyday living in New York. What finally begins to disturb him is the needle-like bite marks on their baby’s arm.

I Died Too, But They Haven’t Buried Me Yet – Ross Jeffery (Oct 31)

Henry is struggling with losing his daughter and believes it’s partially his fault she went missing and died. He often buries totems to forget her as he deals with his grief. He joins a counseling group where he meets a woman who suggests he make contact with the world of the dead, and his world completely changes afterward.

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Twice Lost, Phyllis Paul (Oct 24)

In the beautifully rustic, english countryside, a young girl named Vivian goes missing, and a town is haunted by the mystery years later. One day, a young woman shows up in the town, claiming to be the older Vivian, and bad things happen.

Our Black Hearts Beat As One – Brian Asman (Oct 24)

Michael Mallory, The lead singer of a hot and up coming band, is living the rockstar dream. One day, his whole world is shattered when his partner decides to break up with him, causing him to escape into the darkest parts of the city to hide his pain. He experiences the occult, ghoulish monsters, and other dark spirits but soon learns that love might be the scariest thing.

The Sanctuary – Gustavo Eduardo Abrevaya (Oct 3)

Indie Filmmaker Alvaro and his actress wife are stranded outside an Argentinian village when their car breaks down. The couple checks into the only motel in town and turns it into a fun night. When Alvaro wakes up, he finds his wife is nowhere to be found and rushes out to find her. He takes his video camera along, unaware of the horrors that await him in the small town.

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Scarewaves – Trevor Henderson (Oct 3)

Beacon Point is where people often go missing, eerie creatures lurk in the night, and secrets hide in the woods. The town’s older residents prefer not to talk about them, and some are just plain oblivious, so now a group of unlucky kids must save the city. A radio host guides them as they search for clues to a horrific secret, but will they make it out alive?

Starling House – Alix E. Harrow (Oct 3)

A gorgeous gothic novel that centers around a missing author’s haunted mansion in Eden, Kentucky, the Starling House. Opal is determined to leave town with her brother for a better life, as there is nothing else going on where they live. She is obsessed, however, with the book The Underland, written by author E. Starling, who disappeared over a hundred years ago, leaving his mansion in Kentucky. Opal can’t resist a job inside the residence for her brothers escape fund and becomes entangled in the house’s dark secrets.

Too scared to Sleep – Andrew Duplessie (Oct 10)

It is a perfect collection of teen short horror stories, including rabbits cooking parents, flesh-eating garbage disposals, and roses that drink blood to bloom. You can even point your phone at the accompanying QR codes and watch scary videos after each story!

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Generation Annihilation – Tracy Hewitt Meyer (Oct 10)

Familiar with a life full of terror, Shaun Treadway fears his abusive step father will kill his mother one day and decides to set his house on fire. Shaun escapes to Baltimore afterwards and hides away in his families cabin in Blackthorn Peak, West Virginia. The town is unwelcoming, deserted and home to a creepy abandoned building called Blackthorn Peak Lunatic Asylum. He eventually meets a strange girl named Cass whom he initially asks out on a date but later warns him to leave as she runs inside the asylum. He decides the town and everything in it are too creepy and tries to leave until he hears Cass scream inside the asylum. He runs inside to investigate but soon discovers that Cass is hiding secrets more sinister than his own worst nightmares.

Let us know which book ended up being your favorite!

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