The Best Horror Books of 2023

This was a fantastic year for new horror book releases and we are so excited to reveal our top picks! You might want to just go ahead and get all of them for your bookshelves because they are all that good. From ancient evils that have been awakened to collections of novellas, theres something for everybody!

Black River Orchard, by Chuck Wendig

After you read this book, you will never look at apples the same way again! Voted as an NPR best book of the year, Black River Orchard takes a biblical story and weaves it into a thrilling horror novel about a group of trees bearing the forbidden fruit and the havoc they wreak on a town. The plot is centered around what lies buried beneath the roots and the apple trees bloody history. You won’t want to put this book down, it’s that good!

Boys in the Valley, by Philip Fracassi

Praised as “Old-school horror” by Steven King himself, Boys in the Valley is combination of Exorcist and Lord of the Flies themes all packed into one thrilling novel. The book is set in the early twentieth century in small Pennsylvania town where 30 boys labor and worship under the watchful eyes of priests. On a stormy night, a group of strange men arrive at St. Vincents, bringing with them a wounded man with occult symbols carved into his skin. The symbols release an ancient evil that infects the orphanage and creates a battle between good and evil inside every boy until sides have to be taken…

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Generation Annihilation – Tracy Hewitt Meyer

Generation Annihilation by Tracy Hewitt Meyer | Goodreads

Shaun Treadway kills his abusive stepfather out of fear and escapes to Blackthorn Peak, West Virginia. The the town is unwelcoming, deserted and home to a creepy abandoned building called Blackthorn Peak Lunatic Asylum. He meets a girl named Cass who runs inside an asylum, warning him to leave. He heeds her warning and attempts to escape. Startled by her screams inside, he runs back to investigate but soon discovers Cass’s sinister secret.

Lotería, by Cynthia Pelayo

Sometimes you read a book and by the the time you finish, you’re left wanting more. This is one of those books. Pelayo has compiled 54 stories together with each one representing a different card in the Mexican game of chance known as Lotería. Some stories will have you in deep thought and others will make your skin crawl but you will definitely have your favorites. No matter what type of horror story you may be looking for, this book has it and it’s an even better read during spooky season!

Piñata, by Leopoldo Gout

Everyone is intrigued by possession tales and this one ought to be made into a movie. Piñata centers around a woman named Carmen Sanchez and her two daughters Izel and Luna who join her on a journey to reconnect with their roots. Carmen supervises the site of an ancient abbey when an accident reveals a treasure trove of ancient artifacts. As a result, she loses her job and heads back to New York with her two daughters, and uninvited company…

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They Lurk, by Ronald Malfi

Ronald Malfi is back with five novellas about parasites, demonic possession and strange secrets. They Lurk reintroduces old short stories by Malfi all centered around creatures that “lurk”.

Three teenagers disappear in a forest and a private detective is hired to investigate. When he uncovers the truth, he discovers an awful local secret.

The Separation
Marcus discovers that his friend Charlie is acting erratic when he arrives in Germany to meet up with him. Charlie is a prizefighter suffering from depression and his bizarre behavior quickly escalates leading Marcus to wander what supernatural forces might be at work.

The Stranger
This might just be everyones worst nightmare when you think about how many people drive! In rural Florida, a man named David returns to his car to find someone else sitting in the drivers seat. His car doors are locked and a gun is seen propped up on the dashboard. This is just the beginning of a soon to be maddening experience.

Read the book for the last story!

The Sanctuary – Gustavo Eduardo Abrevaya

Indie Filmmaker Alvaro and his actress wife check into a remote motel after their car breaks down. When Alvaro wakes up, he finds his wife is nowhere to be found and rushes out to find her. He takes his video camera along, not knowing of the nightmares he will soon experience.

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