WWE 2K23 has been a very successful game for WWE. Like I said in my previous article it is another example as to why WWE Games are so Successful. Well to me what makes this game work well is the gimmick matches that we can play. It is very different watching these matches, but the fact that we can play in them is just so fun. To me there are multiple great gimmick matches, but I decided to narrow it down to a Top 5 list.

5. Hell In a Cell

Before WWE ruined the Hell In a Cell stipulation after that disgraceful Seth Rollins vs The Field Bray Wyatt match, I use to love watching this match. But it went from being number one to almost missing the cut from the Top 5 best gimmick matches. It is still very fun to play diving off of the Cell and using it in a proper story line in WWE 2K23, though. Oh by the way WWE if there is one thing I hope gets changed, get red cell. It looks horrendous and still does. It was so much better when the cell was a gray/silver color.

4. Elimination Chamber

In an elimination chamber what happens is the match starts with two wrestlers, while the other four stand in their respective, locked pods. After an interval of time passes, usually five minutes, a wrestler in the pods will randomly be called into the match after being released by the referees. That continues until all participants have left the pods and entered the match.

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The only way an opponent can be eliminated is by pinfall or submission. The last person standing will be declared the winner of the Elimination Chamber match. While I prefer the older elimination chamber, I think the one that is in the game and recently used is still cool as well. I can do so much while playing in this gimmick match and even make stories in Universe/GM mode.

3. Money In The Bank

While I have not been a fan with the booking of Money in the Bank winners the past few seasons, I still can’t ignore how fun it is playing this match in WWE 2K23. Just reaching for a briefcase that has a contract where you can have a title match anytime anywhere is just so prefect. It goes to show how brilliant Chris Jericho is as he was the guy who created this stipulation. I also love when doing my universe/GM modes booking my own stories with this match and anyone who holds the briefcase.

2. Royal Rumble

This is my favorite match in Pro Wrestling.  The Royal Rumble classic Battle Royal match in which a number of wrestlers (traditionally 30) aim at eliminating their competitors by tossing them over the top rope, with both feet touching the floor. Every few minutes a new wrestler enters the match. In WWE 2K23 you can have the royal rumble be either a 10 man, 20 man, or 30 man rumble. Now I am a bit surprised that there is no option for a 40 or 50 man rumble as WWE has done these rumbles to that amount in previous events, but it probably is taken out due to the length.

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I have to put War Games number one as this is the first game where War Games is in WWE 2K Series. War Games is the best edition for this game and I just love playing it. If you don’t know War Games is   involves two teams of either four, five, or more wrestlers locked inside a steel cage that encompasses two rings placed side by side. The only way to win is by pin fall or submission and you can’t escape the cage. It is fun to watch live in person/TV and to play in this game.

Fun Fact: The person who crated this gimmick match stipulation is The American Dream Dusty Rhodes.

So those are my Top 5 best Gimmick Matches in WWE 2K23. Do you agree with me? Let me know in the comments section on what you believe is the best Gimmick Matches in WWE 2K23.

WWE 2K23 is available to play on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Series X|S.

Nicholas Mullick

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