While the film Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny has not had the best reception from fans, even compared to Crystal Skull, that does not mean that the creators were devoid of passion. Throughout the film viewers can find various hidden easter eggs, references, and secrets to find. While there are many throughout the two-hour film, here are the standouts. Also, this list inevitably contains spoilers for many key scenes in Dial of Destiny.

Marion’s Divorce Papers

In between the events of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Dial of Destiny, Indy had divorced from Marion. This happened because of Mutt’s death in the Vietnam War. During a scene in Indy’s apartment,  eagle-eyed viewers will spot the divorce papers resting on the table. Additionally, pictures of Mutt and Henry Jones Sr. appear as well. While Indy does cover Marron’s photo on the fridge with a magnet, the two fortunately reunite later in the film.

The Wilhelm Scream

The Wilhelm Scream is arguably the most iconic stock sound effect in film history, much of its popularity comes from its use from Lucasfilm. As such, the film makes sure to include it in its sound design. During the opening fight sequence, a Nazi goon attacks Indy only to be flung off onto the tracks. As he flies to him doom, he releases the iconic sound effect.

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Henry Jones Sr.’s Watch

Sean Connery’s performance as Henry Jones Sr. made him one of the most iconic characters of the saga. Therefore, this film pays homage to the late actor and character. After escaping yet another action sequence, Indy checks his watch only to find it missing. He soon finds it had been stolen by Helena’s sidekick Teddy and swiftly takes it back, saying it was his father’s.

Tortured with “Voodoo”

During their trek to retrieve the eponymous dial, Indy recounts the various injuries he sustained on his adventures. Many fans will recognize his reference to being “tortured with voodoo.” While “voodoo” may be a misnomer, this was certainly a reference to Temple of Doom. During the film, he is not only force-fed the “Blood of Kali,” but is also repeatedly tortured using a voodoo-doll by an antagonist.

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Where Doesn’t it Hurt?

One of the more heartwarming examples of this is an interaction with Marion and Indy. During a scene where Indy is injured, Marion asks “where doesn’t it hurt” and she kisses where he points. Decades later, both in and out of the films, we see they remembered this. Indy asks the exact same question to her, and he kisses her in the exact location she points to. This shows that, regardless of the film’s quality, the writers remembered the character’s relations.

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“It Belongs in a Museum!”

Indy first uttered his famous (and now controversial) phrase “that belongs in a museum!” during a battle against a group of crooks to recover the Cross of Coronado. This comes up during a debate Indy has with Helena over her plans to sell the Dial of Destiny for profit. In response to her points, he calls back to his iconic declaration by telling her the Dial “belongs in a museum.”

The Lance of Longinus

Last but not least in the Lance of Longinus, the relic fought over in the prologue. While this may appear to be just another relic Indy pursues, it has a deeper connection to the previous films. In Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade, both of their main relics were from Judeo-Christianity, and the same goes for the Lance. According to legend, the Lance of Longinus- or Spear of Destiny- was the spear the pierced the side of Jesus during his crucifixion. Therefore, it is fitting that this relic would finally appear onscreen.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny is available to watch on Disney+.

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