There’s an old saying that the best things in life are free. Thankfully, in Starfield some of its best early weapons are too. Especially if you’re okay with engaging in a little thievery from time to time. There are also some great weapons you can buy early on in New Atlantis and other Settled Systems. As you explore the Universe, you’ll come across all sorts of danger. Whether you’re facing off against Crimson Fleet Space Pirates or Aliens, it’s important to keep the right tools for the job. Here, we’ll show you some of the best we found in the early-game so you can make quick work of your adversaries and get on your merry way through the galaxy.

Eon – Common Pistol

Starfield, Starfield Weapons, Starfield Guns, Starfield Pistol, Eon Pistol

The Eon pistol can be the first firearm you find in Starfield, but its definitely not one to miss. Being a semi-automatic projectile handgun, it packs a punch while remaining controllable. As such, when using it you can avoid feeling like enemies are “spongy”. In early combat encounters, I was able to kill Space Pirates and small Aliens with 3-5 well placed shots. It does 11 Physical Damage and is chambered in 7.77x37mm Caseless. As an added bonus, it is incredibly light at just 0.55 Kilograms, which will help you manage your inventory. Unlocking the Pistol Certification skill will give the weapon additional stat boosts too.

Where to Find the Eon Pistol

Starfield, Starfield Weapons, Starfield Guns, Starfield Pistol, Starfield Weapons Case

The Eon Pistol is available right near the start of the game. After you touch The Artifact and create your character, you will go outside of the Vectera Mining Colony. Barrett, one of Constellation’s most valuable crew members, will land at the dock. After you talk to him pirates will attack the base. On your way to fight them, you can find the Eon Pistol in a yellow Weapon Case, along the railing by the landing pad.

Exterminator Suppressed Maelstrom – Rare Rifle

Starfield, Starfield Weapons, Starfield Rifle, Exterminator Suppressed Maelstrom Rifle

The Weapon Case which holds the weapon on Kleet.

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The Exterminator Suppressed Maelstrom is a Rare Rifle you can find really early on. It does 11 Physical Damage and is chambered in 6.5MM. It also comes with a ton of useful perks which will benefit players tons, especially in early-game combat. It does an extra 30% damage against Aliens which makes it a great weapon to bring along when you explore strange new worlds. It also comes with several mods, including a Short Scope and Suppressor attachments. It also switches the weapon to fire in Semi-Auto mode which helps with recoil control and accuracy at range. To get the most of its attachments, unlock the Stealth skill to sneak attack your enemies. Unlocking the Rifle Certification skill will give the weapon additional stat boosts too.

Where to Find the Exterminator Suppressed Maelstrom Rifle in Starfield

Your Starfield journey starts with the “One Small Step” Main Quest. Once Barrett gives you your ship, you have to go to a Research Outpost on Kreet to deal with some Crimson Fleet Pirates. Inside the facility, you’ll clear room by room in a corridor shooter section. In one of the rooms toward the end of this section, you’ll find the yellow Weapon Case pictured above.

Ace Sidearm – Rare Pistol

Starfield, Starfield Weapon, Starfield Gun, Starfield Pistol, Starfield Ace Sidearm

The Ace Sidearm is a Rare Pistol you can purchase as early as your first trip to New Atlantis. It does 17 Physical Damage and is chambered in .27 Caliber. Unfortunately, that ammo type is relatively expensive so budget your credits accordingly. It does an extra 10% damage against Human Enemies which will help you in gunfights. This weapon comes with a slew of helpful mods that will help make it more accurate. It comes with a Recon Laser Sight, Reflex Sight, and Muzzle Brake attachments. It also has AP Rounds and the High Powered perk, which will help take out Armored Enemies faster.

Where to Find the Ace Sidearm Pistol in Starfield

The Ace Siderarm is available for sale in New Atlantis. When you land at the Spaceport, leave the landing pad and go up the ramp into the rest of the district. Jemison Mercantile Vendor will be on the left. The weapon is available at this merchant for 9,468 Credits. You are awarded 8,000 credits for completing the “One Small Step” main quest. Be sure to finish that as soon as possible to afford this great pistol.

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Modified Coachman – Common Shotgun

Starfield, Starfield Weapons, Starfield Guns, Starfield Shotgun, Starfield, Modified Coachman

The Coachman Shotgun is extremely powerful against enemies at close range. In my experience, it can take out grunt-level Human enemies in 1 or 2 shots. If you don’t take them out in 2 shots, you’ll need to reload because it’s a double barreled shotgun. It does 68 Physical Damage and is chambered in Caseless Shell. It comes equipped with Slug Rounds, which greatly increases the range and accuracy at the cost of reducing the spread. If you can hit shots accurately, the Modified Coachman is an absolute powerhouse. Unlocking the Shotgun Certification skill will give the weapon additional stat boosts too.

Where to Find the Modified Coachman Shotgun in Starfield

When you get off the elevator on the Defense Research floor, follow the path shown above and it will be in that Weapon Case.

The Coachman Shotgun is found in the weapon labs on the Defense Research floor of the MAST Building. If you’re able to be sneaky, you can steal it without detection. If you are detected, the weapon will be taken back by scientists and you may get in trouble with UC Security as well. Make sure you quicksave when you get to the floor so you have a recent save to reload from in case you’re caught in the act. If you take the UC Security side missions from Yumi, you’ll have a legitimate reason to go to the floor which should help you avoid unwanted attention as you’re trying to steal the gun.

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Sir Livingstone’s Pistol – Common Pistol

Starfield, Starfield Weapons, Starfield Guns, Starfield Pistol, 1911, Sir Livingstone's Pistol

Last but certainly not least, Sir Livingstone’s Pistol. This is my favorite weapon I’ve found in the game so far. It’s modeled after the iconic 1911 Pistol, making it an antique in our world but especially in Starfield’s 24th Century. It does 31 Physical Damage and is chambered in .45 Caliber. Unfortunately, this ammo is very rare and relatively expensive. Sir Livingstone’s Pistol comes equipped with his custom modifications, so it has a Large Magazine and shoots at High Velocity. This weapon is extremely powerful in the early game, especially against Human Enemies. It will likely be extremely nostalgic for gamers, as the 1911 it is modeled after has featured in countless shooter games over the years. It reminds me most of Call of Duty Zombies. In universe, the weapon is sentimental too.

Where to Find Sir Livingstone’s Pistol

Sir Livingstone’s Pistol is exclusive to players who chose the “Kid Stuff” trait. When you go to New Atlantis, visit your parents in Pioneer Tower in the Residential District. After you complete the “One Small Step” and “The Old Neighborhood” Main Quests, they will return the favor and visit you at The Lodge. If you talk to Dad, he will give you the pistol and give you a brief history lesson on where it comes from and how he got it.

As you can see, there are tons of options for great and affordable (if not free) weapons early in Starfield. We hope you find these useful. If you discover even more yourself, feel free to share in the comments here or Tweet us @AwesomeGameCast.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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