FXX’s “The Bear” is a 1-to-1 reflection of the tough and frankly rude characters of people in Chicago. Everyone in the show is crude and brash, but this is why you come to learn that everyone is lovable in their own way. Everyone is constantly at each other’s throats, but there is so much heart in this show.

The show’s main character is Carmy. Carmy was the upcomer and the bright new light of the culinary world. Through stress and other reasons, Carmy leaves that life and inherits his brother’s gritty sandwich shop in the center of Chicago – The Original Beef. Without time to process his brother’s passing Carmy has to navigate the disaster left with the restaurant.

The Bear

I will admit that the first couple of episodes of the show are not the easiest to watch, but they are worth the payout. I will also go out and say in my opinion “The Bear” is one of the best food shows created. It respects and showcases the beauty and grit that happens in a kitchen.

“The Bear” Season One is available for streaming on Hulu.


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