I loved the Barbie movie and thought Greta Gerwig deserves the acclaim she has received. However, we need a globetrotting sequel featuring Barbie Teresa. Originally introduced as Barbie’s best friend, Teresa is the brunette, olive-tone Latina. She models different colored versions of the same outfits, experiences, and careers. She was first introduced in 1988 as Teresa Rivera and gained popularity with the Latina community. Teresa appealed to me the most because of our features. I can see how she appealed to many other girls in the same way.

Why Should Teresa Be the Main Star?

In Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie, the plot is mainly set in Barbie Dreamland. Everything is pink, posh, and perfect. The perfect projection of the blonde, Stereotypical Barbie who reigns over Barbie world. When weird things start happening to her, Barbie and Ken decide to leave Barbie Dreamland and enter the real world to stop the weirdness. The movie was funny, but the plot itself was not as exciting as it could have been. It also didn’t appeal entirely to the brunette and minority audience anxiously waiting for Teresa’s appearance.

This might actually work in Teresa’s favor. Gerwig’s movie ends with Barbie giving up the stereotypical life for a normal one (with Birkenstocks). Thus, allowing for another character to replace her in the next film. Since the secluded pink Barbie Dreamland has already been done and Barbie is pretty much retiring, I think Teresa’s character should play the role of an explorer that travels the world.

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An Action-Packed Sequel Starring Barbie Teresa

Teresa can swoop in for an exciting sequel. She can discover new lands, finds lost artifacts, and save the world like Lara Croft, the globetrotting heroine in the game Tomb Raider. This brings together two different worlds, the world of Barbie and gaming. An action-packed plot like this would woo audiences everywhere.

It would be cool to see Crystal Dynamics link up with Mattel to bring the combination to life. Possibly by dressing Teresa similarly to Ms. Croft and having them eventually meet. Of course, she would still stay true to her Barbie personality and dive right into every culture, as Barbie is known for doing it all! This could pave the way for more movies and games that appeal to female minorities, a market that is undersaturated.

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