AEW Fight Forever has been incredibly enjoyable to play since its release. However, with time passing, anticipation has grown for a DLC (Downloadable Content) to be introduced, adding new wrestlers and sustaining interest in the game. The exciting news has finally arrived: a DLC has been announced. Notably, a popular tag team, ‘The Acclaimed,’ will be making their debut in the game. Both Max Caster and Anthony Bowens, members of ‘The Acclaimed,’ are set to join the roster of AEW Fight Forever for the first time.

While it is not confirmed how much the DLC will be, it does not matter. Almost everybody has been requesting that The Acclaimed being a part of the game and it is about time that there a part of it. In August, I predicted that The Acclaimed would be in AEW Fight Forever in a DLC. It is exciting that it is finally happening and AEW is going to get a lot of money for this because they are one of the most over acts in the company today.

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All I got to say is Everyone Loves The Acclaimed. I do wonder if “Daddy Ass” Billy Gunn will be in the game, but it does not look like he will be which just sucks, but is understandable. On a side note, I can’t believe that Billy Gunn and The Acclaimed got the words Daddy Ass and Scissoring over in the Pro Wrestling World.

My question for you reading is, Are you excited for The Acclaimed’s arrival in AEW Fight Forever? Are you disappointed Daddy Ass Billy Gunn is not a part of the DLC? Who do you want The Acclaimed to face first on the AEW Fight Forever roster? Well, let me know in the comment section and don’t forget to give the article a like as well.

AEW Fight Forever is available now and playable on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S

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