In the past eight years or so, Timothée Chalamet has had a breakout acting career. From his mainstream introduction in Interstellar to his first big lead role in Call Me by Your Name the American actor has become one of the most sought after young talents in Hollywood. With many of his films available for streaming, let’s dive into the five best you can watch on the major streaming services. 

5. Hostiles (2017)

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While not a lead role, I simply could not let this film go unnoticed on this list. This movie was largely overlooked by many upon its release, and I can’t give it enough praise. Set in 1890’s Western America, the film follows Captain Joseph Blocker (played by the ever excellent Christian Bale) as he guides a dying Cheyenne war chief back to his tribal homelands. Blocker must set aside his prejudices for Native Americans along the way, and is in charge of a small detachment of troops, including Private Philippe Desjardin (played by Chalamet). The film forces audiences to be introspective of their own prejudices, and also contains fantastic action scenes and cinematography. Aside from Bale and Chalamet, the rest of the cast is stacked, with Rosamund Pike, Jesse Plemmons, Jonathan Majors, and Ben Foster also in major roles. In an interview with BackStage, writer-director Scott Cooper revealed that Chalamet was the only cast member that had to audition, but gave him praise, saying,”… he’s a very uninhibited actor. He’s not afraid to take risks, clearly, as you can see from ‘Call Me by Your Name.’ He has a really bright future.”  Hostiles is streaming on Hulu.  

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4. The King (2019)

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Another stacked cast is here with Robert Pattinson, Joel Edgerton, Lilly-Rose Depp, and Ben Mendelsohn joining Chalamet in this film. The film follows King Henry V of England (Chalamet) as he navigates the beginnings of his rule after the death of his father. There are fantastic performances from the principal and supporting cast, as well as some riveting action set pieces. Fans of shows like Game of Thrones, Vikings, and The Last Kingdom will be right at home here, and there are echoes of Shakespearan tragedy present as well. Location filming is also present throughout, and paired with fantastic cinematography and color grading, it gives the film a very gritty and tangible feeling. Like Hostiles, I feel like The King went largely under the radar for most people, but it’s definitely worth a watch. The long runtime, at two and a half hours, might be a bit daunting, but it’s an epic tale worthy of setting aside some time. The King is streaming on Netflix. 

3. Wonka (2023)

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I know, I know, Willy Wonka didn’t really need an origin movie, I agree. But the magic of the film is undeniable and pervasive. I grew up with the Tim Burton movie and absolutely loved it, probably watching it 20 or so times. This might be much to the chagrin of older (or even younger) readers, but I much prefer that to the 1970 Gene Wilder picture. My point is that these movies have been consistently good, and have been the introduction of this world for many, many generations of audiences. A surprising amount of crime movie elements are in the film, and the storyline is actually quite entertaining. Hughe Grant’s Oompa Loompa does, admittedly, look a little strange, but that’s about my only complaint. You can easily see the inspirations that director Paul King took from both of the older movies, and it’s a great result. It’s a fun movie you can watch by yourself, or with the whole family. Wonka is streaming on Max.

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2. The French Dispatch (2021)

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As a Wes Anderson movie, you know that the cast is absolutely stacked, so much so that I can’t scratch the surface if I listed even ten names. After the death of the editor of the The French Dispatch in the town of Ennui-sur-Blasé, four articles are released for the final publication of the magazine. The French Dispatch is an anthology film, with the narrative of the articles taking up the majority of the runtime. Chalamet stars as Zeffirelli, a student revolutionary rallying against the police. His revolution is initially silly, but grows in meaning as the story progresses. The film carries the character charming cinematography, music, and set design of Wes Anderson films, and like most of his movies, is irresistible to audiences. You will not regret watching it, and you will get lost in its whimsical, though flawed, world. The French Dispatch is streaming on Apple TV.

1. Dune: Part One (2021)

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You knew this would be number one on this list. While the sequel, Dune: Part Two, is undeniably a more completely crafted film, Dune: Part One is still the number one on our list. Following House Atreides as they take over spice production on the planet Arrakis, Dune Part One is one of the best sci-fi movies of the past 50 years. The storyline is gripping, as a power struggle for galactic dominance mirrors real-world colonialism and the effects of mining corporations on cultures and the environment. Masterful world building and cinematography, along with fantastic performances are ever-present in the film. The film is notably better than the 1984 adaptation, and it may put you on the fast-track for an obsession with the Dune franchise as a whole. While it may suffer in some aspects (an inconsistent, meandering pace at times) Dune: Part One is an entertaining movie that sets up the fantastic sequel excellently. Dune: Part One is streaming on Max.

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More From Chalamet

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Other movies worth checking out include Little Women, Interstellar, Bones and All, and Call Me by Your Name, all of which are available on streaming platforms. Timothee Chalamet’s career doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, with production on a Bob Dylan biopic well underway, and the hit sequel Dune: Part Two coming to streaming soon.

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