Running backs don’t have the same importance they once did in the NFL, but you can still dominate games in Madden 24 by controlling the ground game. Quarterbacks and wide receivers get all the attention in Madden now, and they are the biggest game changers. However, there are still a few running backs among the best players in Madden 24.

No running backs are part of the Madden 24 99 Club, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an impactful position any longer. With the meta in Madden as it is now, look for teams with backs that feature speed and good pass-catching ability out of the backfield. The next most important attribute would be the players ability to juke, meaning that backs like Dalvin Cook still have a lot of value in versus play.

If you’re a Madden Ultimate Team player, some truly dominant backs will get released later in the game cycle. That’s when it gets really fun if you like employing a ground-and-pound strategy in online play.

Top 10 RBs in Madden 24

Nick Chubb, Cleveland Browns, 97 OV

Chubb emerged as a dominant back for the Browns in 2022, and he should be set up for a great year in 2023 on a team with DeShaun Watson and Amari Cooper as complementary offensive weapons. The Browns will be an interesting team to use in Madden 24, as they have enough star power to be a strong option in versus play.

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Christian McCaffrey, San Francisco 49ers, 97 OV

McCaffrey has always been an elite talent in the NFL. His biggest issue has been his durability, which won’t really play as a factor in head-to-head online play in Madden 24. So you’ll get to enjoy all the best parts of CMC, while avoiding the constant anxiety that comes with having him on your fantasy football team.

Josh Jacobs, Las Vegas Raiders, 95 OV

Josh Jacobs Madden 24

Jacobs has consistently improved every year he’s been in the league, and he really thrived in 2022 with most of the typical Raiders drama missing from Vegas. Adding Davante Adams last year took a lot of the defensive focus off of Jacobs, but we’ll see if his rise continues with Jimmy G as the new signal caller in Sin City.

Derrick Henry, Tennessee Titans, 94 OV

Henry has the ability to completely take over a game like very few backs in the NFL do. He’s one of the best reasons to use the Titans in Franchise, and he makes Tennessee a good Versus mode option for players who like a ground-and-pound style.

Saquon Barkley, 93 OV, New York Giants

The Giants had a nice turnaround in 2022, and much of that was due to the explosive talent Saquon Barkley brings to the field. Finally healthy last year, Barkley had a true breakout season. The best part about him in Madden 24 is that he is lethal both as a ball carrier out of the backfield and as a pass catcher.

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Dalvin Cook, Free Agent, 91 OV

Dalvin Cook Madden 24

Cook is still a dynamic back, but with the role of running backs decreasing across the league, he and his large contract became expendable in Minnesota. Cook still has the best juke rating of all RBs, though, so players who are especially good on the sticks will like having him in their backfield.

Austin Ekeler, Los Angeles Chargers, 89 OV

Austin Ekeler requested a trade in the offseason, but will be back in Los Angeles for the final year of his contract after a suitable trade failed to materialize. Ekeler, like Cook, is a multi-faceted threat out of the backfield, able to create space on the ground and by catching passes from Justin Herbert.

Jonathan Taylor, Indianapolis Colts, 89 OV

I feel like Taylor would have a higher OV rating if he was on a better team. The Wisconsin alum was absolutely dominant two years ago, but his numbers suffered from being part of a bad Colts team in 2022. Look for a bit of a bounce back year from Taylor if the Colts are able to show any signs of life in 2023.

Tony Pollard, Dallas Cowboys, 88 OV

Tony Pollard Madden 24

Pollard enters his age-26 season in 2023 having completely taken over the top running back position in Dallas. Ezekiel Elliott is gone, and the workload will fall on Pollard for the entire season. He showed a lot of promise in 2022, and has a great offensive line that will play well in Madden 24 online games.

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Aaron Jones, Green Bay Packers, 88 OV

Jones will be an interesting case in 2023. The Packers have moved on from Aaron Rodgers, and should take a significant step back overall. Jones will still be a huge part of the Packers’ offense, as Jordan Love will need some time to get settled as the news starter in Titletown.

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