After a captivating launch, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game received its first update today. Here’s everything you need to know about the patch:

Performance Improvements

Graphical bugs have been fixed, specifically with issues experienced when running the game on Ultra graphics despite having the proper hardware. This includes a fix to the known bug of the game stuttering when a grapple or kill occurs.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Bug Fixes

A whole swath of bugs have been squashed, all of which include:

  • Voice chat issues.
  • The post-match XP screen falsely showing a level up.
  • XP being improperly delayed and shown inaccurately.
  • PS4 game crashes upon unlocking trophies.
  • Game crashes for high-level players during the match results screen.

Quality of Life Changes

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre farm

Game lobbies can now launch with six players instead of the previous seven. This is aimed at speeding up the time between matches. It’s important to note that this change only affects victims, making it so matches can start with only three victims. Leatherface is still required for each match.

Key rebinding is now available for PC players.

The “Quick Match” queue option has been moved on top of the other menu choices. Quick Match has also been tuned to be faster and to place players in lobbies with more people.

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PC Removed from Cross-play & Anti-Cheat

The anti-cheat measures and software have reportedly been bolstered and will continue to be improved in future patches.

In attempting to crack down on cheaters, PC players have been temporarily cut out of cross-play while Sumo Digital improves the anti-cheat. The PC community has and always will have the easiest access to modifying game files, and the developers must currently think it’s unfair to expose console players to poor matches due to PC cheaters. With the other changes and possible player pool being divided, it’s unclear how these changes will affect queue times. There is no date slated for when PC will return to cross-play.

The developers also mentioned that they’ll be releasing the second edition of “The Muerto Times,” their version of a newsletter, later this week.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

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