Julie is the sporty Californian victim in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game who has the agility to escape any situation. With this guide, I’ll cover everything you need to know about escaping with Julie.

How to Play Julie

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Each character in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has inherent strengths and weaknesses due to their base stats and abilities. Julie’s high stealth and endurance are her greatest assets and shape her playstyle.

Ultimate Escape

“Ultimate escape” is the name of Julie’s unique ability. When activated, the ability reduces the stamina consumption of sprinting and makes her untrackable by Johnny or Cook’s abilities. This ability makes Julie a slippery victim to catch and should be used in desperate scenarios. Like every victim, Julie is most effective when her ability is available, so make sure to play around its cooldown.

For upgrades, the increased stamina cost reduction and the decreased cooldown are your best options. Taking one of each at level two is very effective.

Speed Demon

Julie is the essence of speed when it comes to the victims in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game. Her high base endurance gives her a generous stamina bar and Ultimate Escape makes it so the stamina depletion is negligible. When playing Julie, use her endurance to get to objectives as fast as possible. Always retain enough stamina to sprint to the nearest well or crawlspace while utilizing Julie’s speed to apply pressure quickly. Julie can easily set the tempo of the game with her speed.

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Inevitably, you’ll be spotted and pursued by the family. Consider where your nearest escape option is and evaluate if you need to use your ability. If there’s no easy escape nearby, pop Ultimate Escape early so you can get the most out of the sprint cost reduction and leave the family choking on the dust left behind.

Quick and Quiet

Stealth determines how much sound a character makes while performing certain actions. Julie has the highest base stealth in the game and thus can silently perform these actions faster than anybody else. Such actions include:

  • Opening crawl spaces.
  • Collecting lockpicks.
  • Picking up bone scraps.
  • Turning the valve for the pressure gate.

With a few extra points in stealth, Julie can spam the interact button to pick up bone scraps and lockpicks practically instantaneously. This stealth-induced speed coupled with her high endurance allows her to rival Connie in door-opening capabilities. Julie’s high stealth allows her to stay well-equipped throughout the match.


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

There are many perks available to Julie that complement her fast and silent playstyle. All of the mentioned perks are available by going directly up in Julie’s skilltree.

Choose Flight

Without a doubt, “Choose Flight” is the strongest perk available for Julie. This perk fully replenishes your stamina bar when it is depleted. With a large base stamina pool, Ultimate Escape, and backup stamina bars immediately available with this perk, Julie can outrun any character in the game. At the third level, Choose Flight will replenish three full stamina bars.

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“Slippery” is one of the few perks that directly increases speed. After moving through gaps or crawl spaces, Slippery makes you move 5% faster for five seconds. This doesn’t seem like much at first, but it becomes 15% for seven seconds at the third level. Slippery is very helpful against Hitchhiker and Sissy since you’ll be able to create distance with the gaps and crawl spaces that they’ll be following you through. This extra speed and created distance will also help with stamina management.

Stunt Double

“Stunt Double” is a great perk in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre to help give Julie a bit more durability. This perk reduces damage taken from jumping down wells or through windows and reduces the time to get up from these actions. At the third level, this perk reduces the damage taken by 70%. Julie is not a very durable victim, but her speed and endurance allow her to avoid hits from the family and easily reach a well, which is the safest escape route since no family member can directly follow. Falling down the well inflicts damage though, and Julie can’t take much pain. She’s also most vulnerable when she’s recovering from the fall, so this perk is perfect for some extra survivability.

Attribute Points

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Effectively allocating attribute points makes Julie a very unique and enjoyable victim to play.


The first stat you’ll want to invest in when playing The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is stealth. As previously mentioned, further bumping up Julie’s stealth will make her noise-related interactions near instantaneous. The tricky part is knowing exactly how many points to put into the stat. Lucky for you, I’ve already figured it out, and the answer is to put Julie’s total stealth at 42. This hits the perfect sweet spot of all the noise reduction needed for maximum speed while not wasting any points.

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Endurance is an incredibly valuable stat to put points into as it plays into Julie’s Ultimate Escape. She can feel like a marathon runner with extra points in endurance and Ultimate Escape activated. Julie doesn’t do well with close encounters with the family, so extra mobility helps make sure you never find yourself face-to-face with Leatherface.


While it’s her second-to-lowest stat, Julie does benefit heavily from extra proficiency. She can pick up lockpicks faster than anybody, but her base proficiency makes lockpicking take up precious time. Putting points into proficiency will help speed this up and further allow you to pressure locks and dictate the tempo of the game.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

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