There are many trilogy games in the video game industry, and some of them are hits while others are not. One example is Telltale’s The Walking Dead video game series, particularly its third installment; The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. In my opinion, it is the worst third game in a trilogy that I have ever played. There are numerous absurd moments and other factors that make this game awful. Therefore, I have compiled a list of the 10 reasons why I believe this game is the worst.

10. Kate Magically Heals From Her Wounds

You know, I really dislike it when video games decide to magically heal serious injuries. Unfortunately, Telltale did just that in A New Frontier, particularly with one of their main characters; Kate. In this season, Kate gets shot by the New Frontier and sustains life-threatening injuries. However, it’s incredibly unrealistic that only a day or two later, she can miraculously walk and even run perfectly fine. Keep in mind that she was shot in the stomach, and such a quick recovery simply doesn’t happen in the zombie apocalypse.

But that’s not all. Later in the season, Kate also gets in a car wreck and experiences a vehicle explosion. You would expect her to have burns, bruises, scratches, and difficulty walking, right? Well, think again, because after that accident, she is magically completely fine with no visible injuries whatsoever. It’s impossible for someone to heal so quickly and be in perfect condition. It almost seems like Kate has magical healing powers or is a miraculous woman because there’s no logical explanation for her ability to bounce back from these wounds and accidents so quickly.

9. The Choices In This Game Are Super Easy

Yeah, it was obvious that in every single episode of this game, there was a “main” choice that was the easiest decision to make. I’ll provide a notable example from each episode.

  • Episode One: We had the choice of either supporting Clementine’s story of “self-defense” when she shot the guy who ripped her off or not supporting her and telling the truth. Almost everybody supported Clementine because she is the best character in this series, and we have followed her since she was a kid.
  • Second Episode: At the end of the game, we had the choice to either kill Conrad or spare him for his plan regarding Clementine. It was pretty obvious who we were going to support: the guy we just met a few episodes ago and who acted like a piece of garbage after what happened in Prescott, or the only character that we have followed through multiple games. Choosing to support Clementine and having one less mouth to feed on the journey was a no-brainer.
  • Episode Three; There was a choice to either let Badger turn or kill him with the bat. It was obvious which choice to make, as it made sense for Javier to want to kill this man himself after Badger killed his niece Mariana.
  • Forth Episode; There was the choice of killing Dr. Lingard, and this was an easy decision. We could keep supporting the only character we care about in this game (Clementine), get information on where AJ is, and get rid of Dr. Lingard, who is a trainwreck drug addict and even betrayed Javier in the last episode. It was a green light for me.
  • Final Episode; We had the choice of going to either save Gabe and David or save Kate. Depending on the determinant choices in the Clementine flashbacks, you can get Clem to follow you (I always made the right choices to get her to follow Javi). Honestly, the choice was easy for me—I went after Kate. I couldn’t care less about David, and I hate Gabe (Oh, we’ll get to him), so I’d rather save one bland/awful character over two characters.
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Keep in mind that there are more choices I could list, but these are some of the easier ones in each episode. It’s clear that the writers were lazy with some of these choices, and I think I have a reason why.

8. There Really Weren’t Any Genuine Emotional Moments

One of the main reasons why I enjoyed the first season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead was because it had some truly emotional moments. Even in the second season, there were some genuinely impactful scenes, despite the overall story being lackluster.

However, in A New Frontier, the game lacked those hard-hitting emotional moments. There were too many insufferable characters, and it felt forced in trying to create certain emotional scenes. This becomes problematic because when emotions are not genuine, players won’t care, and it ultimately hinders the game’s impact.

7. The “Leaders” of Richmond blindly follow Joan (It Makes No Sense)

The portrayal of Joan as the main antagonist in A New Frontier is indeed problematic, particularly in how Telltale portrays her actions and the reactions of the other leaders in Richmond. It is confusing and frustrating that despite the evidence against Joan, the other leaders blindly follow and forgive her while punishing David for supposedly putting himself before the group.

It is unclear why the other leaders, specifically Clint and Lingard, unquestioningly support Joan and fail to hold her accountable for her actions. Furthermore, the lack of questioning about Joan’s decision to keep the raids a secret is a plot hole that adds to the frustration. Even if they keep Max alive as proof of Joan’s deeds, it does not change the fact that Clint and Lingard still side with her.

This lack of logical consistency and character motivations undermines the storytelling and weakens the impact of the narrative. It leaves players feeling unsatisfied and disconnected from the world and its characters.

6. Eleanor’s Betrayal Makes Zero Sense

You know I was not a fan of the characters in this season and I hated how Eleanor’s character was handled in Season 4 of The Walking Dead as she had promised. Her betrayal of Javier and her justification for doing so can seem illogical and inconsistent with the events of the game.

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Eleanor’s reasoning, where she believes that she can help people in Richmond and mentions the previous community’s doctor being dead or barely functioning, doesn’t hold up well when considering that these are the same people who raided her previous community and caused harm to her and others. It seems like a contradiction for her to align herself with those who have proven to be dangerous and hostile.

Even if Conrad was alive throughout the season, Eleanor’s betrayal and reasoning remain the same, which further highlights the inconsistency and lack of logical sense in her actions.

These inconsistencies in character motivations and decisions can be frustrating for players, as it weakens the believability and cohesiveness of the narrative. It’s unfortunate when a potentially intriguing character arc like Eleanor’s is mishandled, adding to the list of unlikable characters in the game.

5. Gabe… Just Gabe

I hate every one of the new characters that were introduced, but the worst one from the group is obviously Gabe. He is given the worthless annoying child character that was done way too much in Telltale. Gabe’s worthlessness and annoyingness make made Sarah from Season 2 likable and heck even some that hated Duck in Season 1 love him more.

No joke when there is the ending of Gabe’s death, they try to make it sad, but honestly I felt nothing but joy. This goes to show that the way they concluded character arc was just awful. Speaking of which…

4. A Terrible Way of Concluding Character Arch’s

Well if you want a game that fails to conclude things in great ways, this is the game for you. I really hate how this game concludes the character arc for certain characters. I could go on and on with this, but the 4 worst are Joan, Clint, Max (If Alive), and Conrad (If Alive, Somehow).

The game’s handling of these characters seems lacking and lazy to you. If you didn’t shoot Joan or kill her, she simply disappears. Killing Joan, makes Clint vanish. If Max is alive and you exposed Joan, he is never seen or mentioned again. Similarly, if you managed to keep Conrad alive, he also disappears after helping out in the last episode. The lack of resolution for these characters feels unsatisfying and suggests a lack of effort on the part of the game’s creators.

Even Eleanor’s character arc ends with her betraying Javier, but once confronted, she is never mentioned again, further contributing to the sense of unresolved storylines and missed opportunities.

It’s disappointing when a game fails to provide satisfying conclusions for characters, leaving loose ends and unanswered questions. It can detract from the overall experience and leave players feeling unsatisfied.

3. The game is designed to be accessible to players who have not played previous games in the series.

I have a big theory regarding this game, I believe Telltale’s goal was to create a Walking Dead game that requires players to not have the need to play Season 1 and Season 2. This seems bizarre as most people that wanted to play this game, loved the 1st two seasons.

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It is probably why this game was called A New Frontier instead of Season 3. It is probably why this game was clearly rewritten multiple times to cater to casual fans of the series. Also, the way they handled the endings of season 2 goes to show that they care more about reaching casual fans than hardcore fans. It obviously did not work.

2. Your Choices Don’t Matter

Here is the second biggest problem of the video game and it really kind of exposed Telltale. Telltale games stood out because your choices in the game actually don’t matter. Especially with the way they made the 2nd season endings mean nothing. If you survived with Kenny, though he dies in a car accident. Surviving with Jane leads to her suicide when she discovers she is pregnant with Luke’s baby. If you went to Wellington, well it gets raided and Edith gets killed.

In the game, there are so many examples I can list. The biggest one was in one of those Clementine Flashbacks. Even if you told Ava you don’t want to go with her to Wellington, she somehow is joined with their group for some reason. When she gets kicked out even if you inject AJ with the drugs or not David still takes him. Gosh, the choices were so meaningless and did not matter.

1. Clementine was relegated to a side character

Walking Dead

Okay, so here is to me the biggest problem of the game, excluding your choices not mattering. The Walking Dead Telltale Series really focuses on the growth and story of Clementine. That is just thrown away in this game as the focus is on Javier and his family. All Clementine felt as if she did not matter anymore and was a side character, which nobody buying this game wanted. You can legit take Clementine out of this season and nothing changes, that is how meaningless and a side character she was.

It is such a shame as this could have been a great game, but Telltale really butchered it. Not one new character I was a fan of, this wastes the player’s time, and it is disrespectful with how they handled Clementine in this game. I would even go far as saying that this started the downfall of Telltale in 2018. This game will go down as one of the biggest disappointments ever.

Telltale The Walking Dead: A New Frontier is playable on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android

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