As you have noticed, I am not a fan of Telltale The Walking Dead A New Frontier. I was deeply disappointed with how this game was developed, and I found myself feeling angrier while playing it—something that should never happen in a gaming experience. There would be numerous changes I would make to improve this game, and I believe there are five main modifications that I would immediately implement. I thought I would create a list outlining these 5 main changes.

The Main Character

First things first, Clementine IS THE MAIN CHARACTER!!!!! One of the major problems with this game was how they relegated Clementine to side character status, which did not make the fanbase happy. So, that is an immediate change I would make in this game.

The Involvement of Mike, Bonnie, and Arvo

Another major improvement would be to have Mike, Bonnie, and Arvo become the leaders of the New Frontier. It feels so obvious… like it was right there all along. I’m still annoyed that we never got a true conclusion or revenge for their actions in season 2, and I genuinely believe they would make better villains in this season than what we got in the actual game.

Prescott Is A Determinant Location

Prescott is one of the main parts of this game and in my story, Prescott is a determinant location. I get it looks cool but I am going to make it a determinant location via choices in Season 2. If you choose to go with Kenny, Prescott will turn into Wellington. If you chose Jane, of course, the choice will be with Howe’s Hardware. If you left by yourself, well you will be out in Prescott.

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AJ will still be with Clementine for most of the Season

Nobody liked the fact that AJ was only briefly in this game. The idea is not a bad one, but it was poorly executed. Another change I would have is to have AJ get a bigger presence in this game to show the character growth of Clementine and Kenny or Jane (Depending on your choices). I would even have a story where The New Frontier kidnaps AJ to force Clementine to do their tasks.

Eleanor’s Betrayal will focus on saving Joan (Her Mother)

A significant moment that negatively impacted the season was Elenor’s betrayal, which, to me, felt poorly executed. It’s not that the betrayal itself is problematic, but rather its lack of coherence within the story. Interestingly, I recalled that the initial plan involved Joan, who is positioned as the leader in this version (while still being second-in-command after the trio of Arvo, Bonnie, and Mike), being Elenor’s mother. If this connection had been established, it would have added much-needed context to Elenor’s betrayal of Clementine and Javier’s group. Implementing this alteration would likely result in a more coherent and logical narrative.

So these would be the 5 major changes that I would make in Telltale The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. What changes would you make to the game? Would you like me to rewrite my version of the game in a future article? Let me know in the comments section.

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Telltale The Walking Dead: A New Frontier is playable on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android

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