In gaming history, there is nothing quite more iconic than the Master Sword and the Hylian Shield from The Legend of Zelda. In Tears of the Kingdom, players can rejoice to know that they can equip themselves with both iconic items. The Hylian Shield is something you can grab as soon as you leave the Sky Island and touch grass into Hyrule whereas the Master Sword takes some time for you to acquire at least two full stamina bars.

The Hylian Shield’s Location

In order to start your journey in true Link fashion, you must go to Lookout Landing and unlock the tower in that area, this is easily done since this should be the first area you unlock as soon as you leave the Sky Islands. The destination, much like in Breath of the Wild, is Hyrule Castle though the majority of Hyrule Castle is in the sky and the specific area players will want to go to is the docks of the castle. 

From Lookout Landing Skyview Tower, take it up into the air and glide over to Hyrule Castle. It’s worth noting that extra stamina food or elixirs will be helpful in this trek, but it’s 100% needed. As soon as you make it to the back of Hyrule Castle, there will be an opening where the docks are located at. Glide into that area and land on the nearest small hill to the left of the entrance of the dock.

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Continue to walk up the hill until you see a large brazier across from where you’re located at. That’s the area you want, if you want a battle against Gloom Hands and a Phantom Ganon, feel free to run up the stairs to the left and fight to get to the Hylian Shield.  

An Alternative Approach

However, if you want to get the shield without any trouble, glide down to the water and swim across to the wall the brazier is located at. There are a couple of flat surfaces, rocks, flag poles, etc. that you can stand on to regain stamina. As soon as you get up to the top of the wall, you’ll see a large unlit brazier surrounded by five small-lit braziers. All you have to do now is light the big one. As soon as you do, a chest will come out from the ground behind you, go up to that and open it and now you have the Hylian Shield.  

And that is how you get the best shield in Tears of the Kingdom.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is out now on Nintendo Switch.

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