The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom is wildly popular, and spoiler alert, it’s really fun. While adventuring through Hyrule, you’ll need to find Hestu. If you’re having any trouble with locating him, we’re here to help.

Who is Hestu?

Do you need more slots for weapons, shields and bows? Hestu can help you with that.

Hestu is a character in Tears of the Kingdom and he is an oversized Korok. In fact, he is almost everyone’s favorite Korok and he is very useful when it comes to making upgrades towards inventory slots. All you need to do is find him, which as I said earlier, can be a difficult time to do. It can be a challenge to try and find him and of course, I will help.

Don’t Do This?

A lot of people have been making common mistakes when trying to find Hestu. A lot of players have immediately looked in the Korok Forest as of course, Hestu is a Korok. Unfortunately, if you did this you would be wasting time as he is not there. It is a super common mistake that many players make and you will be wasting your time going to the Korok Forest to find him.

How to find Hestu?

The first step is to find Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower and immediately cross the Carok Bridge. Keep in mind that this is on the northwestern part of the Lookout Landing. In the photo above I put the map of the exact location of where he is and he is around the coordinates of -1700, 1068, 0200. It is around here you will see a bent over and crying Hestu.

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If you speak to Hestu it will start a side quest called “Hestu’s Concerns.” This is a pretty simple quest as you have to defeat the Treant enemies in the Tears of the Kingdom. Once you do that you can start trading with Hestu and making upgrades. Once you complete the side mission and find him he will likely stick to the Korok Forest (if you unlocked it already) or in Lookout Landing (If Korok Forest is still locked).

The Legend of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom is playable now on Nintendo Switch

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