As we all know, the amazing Nintendo Switch game The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has sold more than 10 million copies in a span of merely 3 days after release. Aside from being the most anticipated sequel of the year, would Nintendo regret allowing gamers to bring their imagination to life with this creations? Today we bring you Top-5.

#1: “The Trojan horse”

First of all, not only was it a great idea for greeks to try to win the war, but it worked as a great vehicle method in Tears of the Kingdom. In addition, we can truly see, how the history has truly influenced younger generations. Now we can have the Trojan Horse as our traveler companion.

#2. “The After Tinder Date”

OOF! Nintendo sure did not think this would be rollin’ on the internet one day with their tag. Besides, being it is what is it, gamers have gone out of their way to make this certain creation into the most funniests memes of all the 21 century could have asked for. What a way to go viral!

#3. “The of ABUSE towards Korok’s”

Can we please, make a pleading for Koroks. Nintendo has opened up the gate to open crafting in TOTK without imagining the despicable things Koroks would be put through. Aside from being victims of rotisserie cookouts, Koroks are being tortured in horrendous ways. Whats more, the Koroks would continue to have their auto message as, “oof!”, “I need to find my friend” Can you picture them saying this while you are roasting them? Not a pleasant sight! STOP the abuse.

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#4 “The Fan-Copter”

Further, yes we are working with the skies on this one, but have you ever thought of having a helipcoter as your method of transportation in the Legend of Zelda games? The level of engineering in this vehicle is quite impressive. Is Nintendo in need of engineers in the office, because they sure are training some in the video game world.

#5 “The First Car”

Finally, Do you recall the first car? As a Zelda player, I had only pictured to have Link ride a horse across the map or the BOTW motorcycle. Moreover, never did players imigine that Link would be given this much power in crafting. Tears of the kingdom, new abilities and crafting methods have lured many players to purchase the game. For the fun, of re-constructing what other players around the world have made. Tell us down below if we missed any and comment what’s your favorite crafting vehicle in TOTK.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available now on Switch.

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