Much like its predecessor, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has controls that are mostly similar, the only big difference between the two titles is that one gives you more offensive features (Breath of the Wild) in the vein of Sheikah devices and the other allows you to build/fuse things in a more defensive/creative manner with Zonai devices.  

Tears of the Kingdom Controls

Admittedly, the building aspect is a mechanic that will take some getting used to as it’s an entirely new feature for a Zelda game, and going into it is pretty finicky. The Sheikah Slate mechanic from the previous game kind of gives players an understanding of how this new Zonai feature will work, though it’s still touchy here and there. There aren’t many open-world games that even have a building mechanic like Tears of the Kingdom does.

Tears of the Kingdom controls

Both entries in the Legend of Zelda universe even have a hidden abilities feature that gives players the upper hand while roaming throughout Hyrule and in battle. Some of these are out in the world for players to discover, often written in notebooks as journal entries by NPCs.  

  1. Throw Material – R (hold) + Up on d-pad (hold) 
  1. The Scope and Pins – Press R-stick + A to place pins 
  1. Shield Surf – ZL + X + A 
  1. Charged Attacks – Y (hold and release) 
  1. Jump Slash – X + Y 
  1. Backflip – ZL (hold) + Down on L-stick + X 
  1. Side Hop – ZL (hold) + Left/Right on L-stick + X 
  1. Perfect Guard – ZL (hold) + A 
  1. Use amiibo – Place amiibo on R-stick

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is out now on Nintendo Switch.  

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