Much like Breath of the Wild and many other Nintendo titles, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom supports Amiibo, scannable figures that give players in-game items, often weapons or clothing or important materials that will help players along in their mission. 

Below is a list of each Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom amiibo and what they unlock in Tears of the Kingdom, Breath of the Wild is listed to compare the differences between the two games. The majority of what is obtained is relatively the same, though Wolf Link allows players to have Wolf Link as a companion in BOTW, whereas in TOTK, that amiibo just gives the player a hefty amount of meat.    

Zelda Amiibo Rewards

Amiibo Amiibo’s Property Rewards in BotW Rewards in TotK 
Link Rider BotW Weapons and Horses Hylian Hood paraglider fabric, Mushrooms, Swords 
Link Majora’s Mask Mushrooms, arrows, swords, Fierce Deity Outfit Majora’s Mask Fabric, Swords, mushrooms, arrows 
Zelda & Loftwing Skyward Sword Basic Materials Sword-Spirit Fabric, gems, plants, arrows, Swords 
Link TotK Unknown Champion Link Fabric, weapons, materials 
Link Ocarina of Time Claymores, elemental arrows, OOT Outfit Swords, meat, Lon Lon Ranch Fabric 
Link Zelda 1 Sword, shield, arrows, Zelda 1 Hero Outfit Pixel Fabric, Swords, and Arrows 
Wolf Link/Mipha Twilight Princess A Wolf Link helper Meat, Mirror of Twilight Fabric 
Link Twilight Princess Epona Epona, fruit, shields, nuts 
Link Super Smash Bros. Weapons and Twilight Outfit, Epona Epona, Swords, fruit 
Ganondorf Super Smash Bros. Claymores, Monster parts, gems, Sword of the Six Sages Meat, gems, Demon King Fabric 
Sheik Super Smash Bros. Sheikah sword, Shield, arrows, Sheik’s Mask Swords, mushrooms, Sheik Fabric 
Toon Link Super Smash Bros. Broadswords, arrows, WW Outfit Arrows, Fish 
Young Link Super Smash Bros. Fish, Royal weaponry, arrows Meat and Swords, Lon Lon Ranch Fabric 
Zelda Super Smash Bros. Twilight Bow, gems, bows Princess of Twilight Fabric, plants, gems 
Bokoblin BotW Bokoblin weapons and shields, elixirs Meat, Boko Weapons, Bokoblin Fabric 
Guardian BotW Guardian arrows, ancient cores, arrows, machine parts, gems Ancient-Sheikah Fabric, arrows, food 
Bow Link BotW Arrows, Fish, and Meat Arrows, Bows, meat, Tunic of Memories Fabric 
Zelda BotW Shields, gems, Star Fragments Hyrule-Princess Fabric, Shields, gems, Star Fragments, Plants 
Daruk BotW Stone Smasher, ore, Rudania Helm Stone Smasher, gems, rocks, Goron-Champion Fabric 
Mipha BotW Fish, Silverscale Trident, Ruta Helm Fish, Silverscale Trident, Ruta Helm, Zora-Champion Fabric 
Revali BotW Falcon Bow, arrows, fruit, Medo Helm Rito-Champion Fabric, Bows, arrows, fruit 
Urbosa BotW Moonlight Scimitar, meat, Naboris Helm Meat, Gerudo Weapons, Gerudo-Champion Fabric 
Link Skyward Sword Rupees, arrows, swords, shields, Sky Outfit Swords and mushrooms 
Link Link’s Awakening Fish and royal weaponry The Awakening Armor, Arrows, Egg Fabric 
Toon Link The Wind Waker Swords, boomerangs Fish, Boomerangs, arrows, Swords, King of Red Lions Fabric 
Toon Zelda The Wind Waker Shields, Gems, Hero’s Shield, Food Fish, plants, Weapons, Bygone-Royal Fabric 
Any Other amiibo Any Property Basic Materials Basic Materials 

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is out now on Switch.

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