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An Introduction to Freestar Collective

Starfield Factions: An Introduction to Freestar Collective

Bethesda’s newest role-playing game, Starfield, is being released later this week for those that pre-ordered the premium deluxe or constellation edition of the game, and it releases officially on the 6th for players who are purchasing the standard edition, which means that the launch is right around the corner with many fans excited for its release, and because of that, we have created a guide to get to know each of the main factions that will populate the universe of the game and in this particular guide, we are focusing on the Freestar Collective, the second largest faction in the game under the United Colonies, to allow players who are planning on getting the game to get to know the space cowboy-like group as well as inform them before they make a decision on what faction they may want to end up joining.