Back in 2015, if you heard about Super Nintendo World, chances are you were at least curious to see what it was about. Although it sounds like the kind of place Mario would hang his cap when not saving his favorite princess (for, like, the 245th time), many Nintendo fans were excited to hear that it was, in fact a park based in Universal Studios Japan, a theme park dedicated entirely to Nintendo games.

Even with the park’s opening delayed a bit by COVID, like most things the last few years, it eventually opened, along with another one in Universal Studios Hollywood, in California. So if you kept up with those parks, maybe even visited one of them yourself, you’ll be pleased to hear that Nintendo is opening yet another one, this time in Universal Studios Florida, in Orlando, because they needed more theme parks already.

A Nintendo Theme Park Sounds Fun

Super Nintendo World Theme Park Orlando Florida

This park was meant to open this year in 2023, but due to the delays caused by the COVID pandemic, it has been pushed to 2025. It might be a bit of a wait, but those in the east-coast US will be able to enjoy the park in the not-too-distant future. If this park is anything like the others, it will feature similar attractions, such as the 1Up Store, a shop that sells all kinds of merchandise based on everyone’s favorite overall-wearing plumber.

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The park will also have its own unique attractions. Japan’s garden, for example, has the Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge attraction, while in California’s, there’s the Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge ride, so there’s sure to be plenty to look forward to. I will certainly be waiting with bated breath until then.

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