June is usually a month synonymous with Christmas for the gaming community as it is often the time of E3 Press Conferences, Nintendo Directs and heaps of other gaming news.

However, since E3 is taking a break this year after the COVID Pandemic and several other internal issues, someone else must step up and take its place.

Enter Geoff Keighley and the second go around of his Summer Game Fest.

As someone previously a part of E3, Geoff Keighley has stepped away in recent years to make his own platform of similar size and scale: one that could compete and eventually overtake the legacy created by E3. Whether he achieved this last year is up for debate, but what is certain is that we are sure to get several different world premieres and releases when Summer Game Fest hits later this week.

Let’s round up what we currently know and see what all of us here at 9 to 5 Gamers think will appear during the event.

Summer Game Fest Start Date and Time

The opening show for Summer Game Fest is set to take place on June 9th. It will be hosted by Geoff Keighley and will run for about 2 hours.

The start times for the event are as follows:

  • US: 11AM PDT / 12PM MDT / 1PM CDT / 2PM EDT
  • UK: 7PM BST
  • Europe: 8PM CEST / 9PM EEST
  • Asia/Oceania: 3AM JST / 2AM AWST / 4AM AEST

Several other events under the Summer Game Fest label will take place over the following weeks, including the Devolver Digital Showcase later that day on June 9th or the Xbox/Bethesda Showcase on June 12th.

The full schedule for the event can be found on the official Summer Game Fest website.

So now that we know when the event is, let’s talk about what will be at the event.

Summer Game Fest Predictions

Geoff himself has gone on record saying that the show will ‘primarily focus on already announced games.’ While some see this as a bit disappointing, there are tons of games that have been announced over the years and haven’t been updated in some time, so excitement is still high.

Some games that have already been confirmed for the event are Gotham Knights from Warner Brothers (where we will likely see gameplay of the other two main characters, Batgirl and Robin), the DLC for Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, and gameplay reveal of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 by Infinity Ward.

So those of us here at 9 to 5 Gamers have decided to compile our own ideas and predictions for the event.

Jack’s Prediction – Hollow Knight: Silksong

Time to put on the clown make-up.

Since its release in 2017, Team Cherry’s Hollow Knight has been a massive success and a transformative title in both indie publishing and the Metroidvania genre. It is one of the best games in its field with some of the best exploration, combat, world design, music, and just general atmosphere that can easily rival contemporary titles like Metroid.

A sequel to the title was revealed in 2019 called Hollow Knight: Silksong, a game following one of Hollow Knight’s supporting characters, Hornet. With a mix-up in gameplay, world, enemies, even healing, Silksong looked really impressive and a game worth picking up for those who enjoy Metroidvania and those who love Team Cherry.

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The last bit of information we got on the game was in June of 2019 at Nintendo’s E3 Treehouse Live, where gameplay and a new trailer for the game was revealed. After that? Things have fallen quite silent indeed, with many memes and jokes having been made around the hype for new Silksong news.

Well, it’s time to hope again, as new information points to a potential reveal at Summer Games Fest. In reference to a tweet made by Geoff Keighley regarding his excitement at a good world premire arriving in his inbox, Team Cherry marketing and publishing guy Matthew Griffin tweeted this in response.

Now, this is probably a coincidence or Matthew just being excited… but there is that tiny shred of hope that perhaps his answering this is a hint that we may just see Hollow Knight: Silksong at Summer Game Fest. There are very few games that will ever be able to top the Elden Ring reveal from last year, and while Silksong isn’t as mainstream, it has been the indie scenes Elden Ring for some time so let’s just hope that we see it on the opening night.

My clown make-up will be ready for disappointment.

Samuel’s Predictions

I already did an article about my predictions for the  Summer Game Fest season, and so far out of the seven, I’m sitting with a nice 3 and a half right with just the Playstation State of Play, and IGN’s coverage of Sonic Frontier. So, so far so good. There were a few other predictions I didn’t work into the article in order to avoid making it run off for too long, so here are a few extras that weren’t in my article. 

This seems like a given now based on recent leaks, but I think we’re sure to see something on the next Kojima game. It’s been 3 years since Death Stranding and based on Kojima’s reputation, I’m sure we went straight to working on whatever his next project will be, and at this point, he probably has at least a teaser trailer ready to show off. And considering past events, there’s no doubt Geoff Keighly will always be happy to show something off from Kojima. 

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Warner Brother Games ran its closed alpha just last month for the game which left many, including myself, excited for the new platform fighter. In order to keep that hype going, and build some up for the tournament being hosted at EVO, I’m going to predict we’ll see at least one new character revealed at SGF, and that new character will be playable at whatever build used for EVO. 

My last prediction is in the same vein as my Sly Cooper prediction in my article mentioned above, baseless and purely because I really want it to happen. With Bandai Namco confirmed to be a partner of SGF, I’m going to hope predict that they will announce the next installment in the Soul Calibur series. Is there anything to make me think we will get an announcement? No. Will we get one? Probably not. Am I still going to set myself up for disappointment by getting hype over the slimmest of slim chances it might happen? Absolutely. 

Charles’s Predictions

Wasn’t that trailer just 🤩🤩🤩?! There was so much happening all at once, like everything, everywhere.

Did I see Elden Ring? Why was it there? Does this mean that we are going to see new DLC content? More possibilities of being slaughtered in the Lands Between?

And why were we shown Horizon II: Forbidden West? Isn’t that game out already on PlayStation 4&5? Are they perhaps suggesting that we will see this title on… PC?! Hell, yeah!

Fortnite? Didn’t you just go into a new season after the epic Collision event? Thank you for the Darth Vader skin at the end of the Battle Pass journey btw. So what will you be presenting exactly? Improvements thanks to your Unreal Engine 5 or maybe…

Wait what?!

Starfield Again?! Even after they postponed it! 🧐 Wouldn’t this be covered in the Microsoft Bethesda dedicated showcase? Or will they finally honour us with some actual gameplay footage?! Please, please, please.

Is that EA’s CEO; Andrew Wilson? *slings an arm around his shoulder* So, that teeny tiny glimpse at Star Wars Jedi: Survivor wasn’t enough, dude. How can we convince you to give us some first glance gameplay footage?

Is it tomorrow yet? *twiddles thumbs*

Anthony’s Predictions

With Summer Games Fest being a conglomeration of everything that usually would be shown at E3 (including the PC Games Show, Devolver Digital, Bethesda, and so many more) there are so many new titles I would love to see!

To begin with, I would love to see a focused showcase on VR content. In recent years, I have picked up a VR headset and I have been loving everything on it. But, in recent months, VR has somewhat died off like it does every couple of years. So, it’s past due that we see a comeback with VR-related content.

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So, to kick off my predictions, I would love to see a streamlined Star Wars VR experience similar to a Jedi Fallen Order game. Maybe not something so lengthy but I need more Star Wars in my life. Particularly on VR (pst…. Make it on Oculus would you Respawn?)

Secondly, we need new content on the new EA Sports PGA Tour game. I love anything and everything Golf, and I personally loved the Tiger woods PGA tour games. Recently, we were told that it had been delayed until spring of 2023 (which I was rather unhappy with) so we Golf fans need a sneak peek or something here EA! We need our wacky swings and crazy costumes back and the magic that made the 2000s PGA games a blast to play!

Lastly (I know this will never ever happen) but to cater to the unrealistic side of me, I would like to see some PS games make their way to Xbox Gamepass. I know, I know, this will never ever happen, but, a part of me can hope and pray that we may see this happening sooner rather than later. Sony has already ported some of their games to PC and sales for those specific titles have been insane. I want to see God Of War, Horizon, and even Uncharted on Gamepass!

Whatever we do see tomorrow, I’m sure we will all get something out of it. Since the Covid outbreak, Gaming releases and events like SGF have seen a significant drop in quality announcements, and releases so hopefully, we see something crazy this year!

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Whatever gets shown off at Summer Game Fest, it just feels exciting to finally see some more gaming news. E3 season is a treat for anyone interested in gaming culture, so to see Geoff try so hard to keep it going even as doubts arise with E3 itself is heartwarming.

From the opening nights to the Devolver Showcase to the Xbox/Bethesda Showcase to the next inevitable Nintendo Direct, gamers are eating good for the next few weeks.

Except for Silksong fans. We just continue to wait.

Summer Games Fest’s opening night kicks off at 7PM BST and 11AM PDT on June 9th. Check it out on Twitch or YouTube to watch the stream live.

Check out another article from us at 9 to 5 Gamers here!

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