Street Fighter 6 is the current entry in the popular franchise and Capcom was bound to have new characters arrive alongside older fighters making their returns. In this list, we will give a brief rundown of all the characters you will have access to:


Street Fighter 6

Starting with the series’ new poster boy. Luke made his first appearance in Street Fighter 5 as the last DLC character to be added to the roster. He is currently a mixed martial arts instructor, and contractor for a PMC, with a history in the military. Outside of fighting Luke is a gamer, who knows you may catch him in the games battle hub lobby trying to start a few matches.


Jamie is a peacekeeper in the Chinatown section of Metro City. He was inspired by the twins Yun and Yang who fans may remember from Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. Not only is Jamie a martial arts master, but he is also an expert in dancing that he incorporates into his style of fighting.


Manon is a world-champion judoka martial artist and supermodel. Her main goal in life is seeking self-improvement either that being in the judo ring or the catwalk runway. Becoming the world’s strongest supermodel is her true aspiration.


A student of Guy, Kimberly combines his teachings with an urban style using spray cans and music to aid her in battle. You can say she is some kind of urban martial artist. Being a prodigy she has already graduated college and seeks to become a ninja.


Marisa is a warrior that claims ancestry from ancient Greek warriors. Not only is she mighty in the Colosseum but she is also an outstanding up-and-coming jewelry designer in Italy. She constantly seeks strong opponents to experience glory in the heat of battle.

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The young girl named Lily is a descendant of the Thunderfoot tribe. She uses the guidance of her ancestors and speaks with the spirit of nature. Lily has access to wield power over the wind. She may be small but do not underestimate her.


JP is a new mysterious character in the series. He is the current antagonist of Street Fighter 6 possessing the same Psych power that was used by the previous villain; M Bison and is the current leader of the country of Nayshall. He hosts a Martial arts tournament as a front for a money laundering operation.


The sadistic thrill seeker Juri finds herself at a difficult point in her life. Losing her motivation after failing to get revenge against M Bison. She currently meanders through life trying to find something to give her a sense of joy…. in her strange psychotic way of course.

Dee Jay

Dee Jay still is still the fun-loving carefree dance and musical iconic superstar he always was. He continues to seek new rhythms for his music with a burning passion but music is not his only pursuit. Dee Jay will always be ready for a scrap here and there to show off his stylish moves in a street fight.


Cammy is a returning fan favorite in the series. Currently a member of a British special forces unit named Delta Red. She aided in the defeat of Shadaloo which whom she shares a dark past with. Even during a time of peace, Cammy looks for remnants of Shadaloo to never allow the dark organization to rise again.

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Ryu the great warrior and face of the Street Fighter franchise remains a fan favorite and outside his design, he hasn’t changed too much. Ryu continues to travel the world seeking strong worthy opponents to test himself against. Finally overcoming his dark side with the Satsui no Hado Ryu aims to find new and greater challenges to overcome.

E. Honda

A worldwide renowned sumo wrestler E. Honda managed to spread the sport of sumo wrestling worldwide. He spends his time now as the owner of a chanko stew restaurant in Metro City. Swing by when you can they have live sumo matches there.


Blanka is a kind defender of nature and king of the jungle. Blanka is an adventure tour guide using his immense knowledge about the jungle in hopes to launch his business into fame. In doing so he tries to help create a comfortable life for his mother.


Guile an accomplished US Air Force pilot successfully aided in the collapse of the dark organization known as Shadaloo and was able to avenge his friend Charlie. He now finds himself investigating new threats in Nayshall after connections frame his brother-in-law Ken as suspected in a criminal plot.


Ken is a former US fighting champion and former Vice President of the Master’s Foundation. Ken now finds himself framed as the orchestrator of a criminal plot. Even after his innocence is proven this has forced him to abandon his family and go into hiding. At least until he can find out what it is he truly fights for.

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Chun-Li is a retired ICPO agent. After being a part of the destruction of Shadaloo, Chun-Li now spends her days being a guardian for Li-Fen and holds kung-fu classes that she teaches to the locals in her community.


Zangief also known as the Red Cyclone is an accomplished Colosseum wrestler. If he is not spending his days dedicated to self-improvement, he chooses to spend his time spreading his knowledge and experience to his students.


Dhalsim is a monk and yoga master that prefers non-violence but will do what he must to preserve peace and dispense justice. His primary motivation is to be a guide for those who struggle to walk their path.

Let’s Hit The Streets

Alongside a good selection of brand new characters to be introduced to the Street Fighter franchise expect a ton of originals to make their return with a few new techniques to aid you in combat. Get out there and get your mains ready and hit the streets!

Street Fighter 6 is currently available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC

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