Starfield is Bethesda’s first original IP since Elder Scrolls Arena in 1994. Details surrounding the upcoming Space RPG’s many gameplay systems have been scarce. We’ve only known the basics, such as the over 100 explorable solar systems, confirmation of space combat, and the game’s release date. Starfield Direct detailed many aspects of the highly anticipated Sci-fi RPG, including combat, which shares DNA from the studio’s other flagship RPGs, in Fallout and the Elder Scrolls. Here is what we know about Starfield’s combat.



Starfield promises to have more weapons than any other Bethesda game. There are multiple guns and melee weapons, ranging from pistols, energy-based weapons, shotguns, and mag weapons, to knives, and axes. Guns will show the type of damage and output, ammo type and the number of rounds, range, accuracy, fire rate, and mod slots, while melee weapons show damage output, weight, and accuracy. The stats can be modified to enhance your play style.

Space Suits

Starfield will not have individual equipment for every body part like previous Bethesda titles. Instead, the equipment is broken up into two categories: space suits and helmets. The vast number of space suits and helmets will offer resistance to seven types of damage: 

  • Physical (enemies)
  • Energy (enemies)
  • Emissions (enemies)
  • Thermal (planetary hazards)
  • Airborne (planetary hazards)
  • Corrosive (planetary hazards)
  • Radiation (planetary hazards)
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These damage types are not just from enemy attacks but also the environment of the planets that you can explore.  Adventurers will also have grenades and mines at their disposal that inflict different types of elemental damage. For example, a mine can freeze enemies in place, opening them for a killing blow.


Gravity will play a factor in Starfield’s combat as the atmosphere will change depending on which planet you are on. As such, boost packs will be a vital tool used during combat. Planets with zero gravity will affect weapons and push players backward when firing ballistic weapons, or Energy weapons will become more stable and thus more accurate. Mag weapons are a sci-fi version of a machine gun equipped with electromagnetic ballistic arrays.


Much like Bethesda’s other RPGs, Starfield’s leveling system is skill tree based. There are a total of 5 skill trees, each having upgradable skills:

  • Physical
  • Social
  • Combat
  • Science
  • Tech

Combat in Starfield relies on two of the five trees: Physical and Combat. For example, the Neurostrikes perk on the “Physical” tree will increase damage done unarmed. Perks in the Combat tree will increase damage to the various guns and melee weapons.


An expedition out into space isn’t complete without the necessity to eat food and use Med packs that magically heal you instantaneously. Starfield’s variety of food includes Earth food, such as toast, to more exotic dishes like Trilo Bites.

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Starfield is out September 6th, on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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