Starfield  launches in just a few weeks, and what better way to prepare than to get familiar with the lore? A couple weeks ago, Bethesda gave us a small taste of what life is like on three of the main destinations in the Settled Systems with three animated shorts released on YouTube. With that, we will do a bit of a rundown in this guide of these different destinations based on what we saw in these shorts, and how that relates to information we have received in the past. 

New Atlantis

Starfield New Atlantis

The video, Supra Et Ultra, plays out a bit like a propaganda piece for the United Colonies Vanguard. We follow a courier, named Kent, as he dreams for a higher purpose, and he ends up joining the Vanguard after seeing an advertisement in New Atlantis, the United Colonies’ capital city. As he rises in the ranks, we can tell from his attitude that he is fulfilling his dream while he fights for a cause he believes in. 

What we are shown in the video coincides with what we know about New Atlantis and the United Colonies having pride and a heavy focus on their military forces. This could very well be a video shown to its citizens to inspire them to enlist. While we will supposedly be assisting the Constellation during our time in New Atlantis, according to what we know about the main story, the United Colonies seemed to be the main governing force that was depicted in this short. 

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Akila City

Starfield Akila City

Where Hope Is Built follows a young woman, Vanna, who was made an orphan by the Colony Wars, which we see during a quick flashback sequence, as she works to repair a broken ship. As she traverses the city, none of the vendors have the part she requires. After saving an older man who is being held at gunpoint, she realizes that he has the part she needs to get her ship working. After installing this part to her own ship, we see her take off, departing from her home. 

The main faction residing in Akila City is Starfield’s Freestar Collective who currently have a treaty with the United Colonies, but that peace came as a result of the Colony Wars, briefly shown in the short. Even after this conflict, there will most likely be some tension between the two militaristic forces. This city has a Wild West feel to it due to its desert-like setting and the way the city is governed. 

Neon City

The Hand That Feeds shows us two criminals, Ada and Harper, as they steal from unsuspecting people visiting the “pleasure city”. As they continue to rob more people we see them upgrade their gear. While they are gearing up, we see Ada stare at a building with the Ryujin Industries logo on it before a shootout breaks loose in a nearby alleyway. Noticing that the lone survivor works for Ryujin, Ada and Harper are put at odds when Harper decides to take the survivor out. Ada gets the upper hand in this struggle, and we see as she gains the favor of the mysterious corporation by letting this man live and betraying her friend. 

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Neon City is known for being the “pleasure city” in the Settled Systems of Starfield which attracts many wealthy types who want to let loose and party. A big reason for this large attraction is due to the flashy appearance, much like the Las Vegas Strip, and because of the drug, aurora, that can only be found in Neon. This short suggests that unlike the visitors, many of the residents of Neon City are working class people just trying to get by. This short does give us a bit more of a look at Ryujin Industries as a powerful corporation, but we still don’t have much information on them yet. 

Starfield is available September 6th, on Xbox Series X/S and PC

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