Welcome to the vast cosmos of Starfield, where adventure awaits around every celestial corner! In this thrilling space odyssey, your trusty ship is your ticket to exploring distant planets and uncovering hidden treasures. But fear not, aspiring spacefarer, for in this guide, we’ll delve into the secrets of ship upgrades, helping you transform your vessel into a formidable force among the stars. So, buckle up and prepare to embark on a cosmic journey like no other as we unlock the keys to upgrading your ship in Starfield!

How to Upgrade Your Ship

Starfield Space Combat

The first thing you need to do to upgrade your ship is to talk to a Ship Services Technician. There is one right near where you land on Jemison. They can be found at spaceports throughout the cosmos.

There will be multiple options you can select from here. The first important selection repairs your ship for 1000 credits. It doesn’t matter how damaged your ship is. Unfortunately, you also can’t see how damaged your ship is from this screen. When you’re in space, you can see a bar in the bottom right that tells you how healthy is your hull.

The second option allows you to view and modify your ships and the third option allows you to buy new ones. We are focusing on the second option.

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Select the ship you want to modify and press the X button on console to get to the building screen. This will take you to the modification screen. From here, move your cursor to an empty space and press A to add new parts to your ship. You can cycle through the various options using the bumpers. This allows you to add very helpful modules to your ship.

Pressing the A button allows you to upgrade parts of your ship. This tool is useful when you don’t want to move pieces around, but you want stronger weapons or a stronger engine.

Ship Building

Starfield Ship Customization

The ship builder is the main place where you can redesign the look of your ship. You can change the color of any part by clicking the left stick. You can connect parts to your ship anywhere you see a white box. You can change the level of the parts using the d-pad. You are also able to flip parts by selecting a part with A and pressing the Y button.

Pressing Y while hovering over parts allows you to duplicate. This is helpful when you’re wanting symmetry to balance out the weight of the ship.

Starfield will tell you if there are issues. For instance, you can only have one shield generator and it needs to be attached to the ship to function. Also, you need to be able to reach your cockpit, so don’t put it behind the reactor.

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From here, you know everything you need to make the ship of your dreams. Play around and make Optimus Prime, or the Millenium Falcon if you want. And then color it pink! Whatever you want to build, you can. Post your creations in our Discord! And make sure to stay tuned to Strangely Awesome for even more guides on Starfield like one on how to romance other characters, or about how to own your own home!

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