The next anticipated RPG from Bethesda, Starfield, is set to release later this year, and we currently have loads of details from the developers on what we can expect from their upcoming game. This new title will allow players to go on adventures in space that span over a thousand planets. Much of the focus of this game has to do with space exploration. An important feature that sets this Sci-fi RPG apart from others is the ship customization.

One of the talking points from the Starfield direct showcase was the ship customization which will allow for a wide variety of creations depending on the preferred style of the player. 

Customization Details

Custom Starfield Ship

Customizing or modifying a ship can be done with a technician at a spaceport that will allow you to buy and sell parts as well. Technicians will be one of the major vendors that players will come across on their journeys.

While players will start with their very own ship, they will have the option to board and steal other ships to modify and customize as well.

 While there is a good amount of room for freedom when designing a ship, players must take into account the different advantages/ disadvantages they will be giving their ship each time they change its appearance. There will be multiple stats players will need to balance and keep in mind when customizing their ship. Some of the stats that must be watched are:  

  • Cargo
  • Speed
  • Crew
  • Jump Range
  • Weapons
  • Mobility
  • Hull
  • Mass
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Those that are planning on doing quests that involve hauling large amounts of cargo will, of course, focus on their cargo stat while others may focus on their weapons stat if they are planning on encountering many hostiles. 

What Are The Different Parts?

Starfield Ship Customization

The different parts that will be customizable are categorized into modules. These modules include:

  • Armor- Provides a structural shape to the ship, and determines its health.
  • Arms- The weapons.
  • Cockpit- The pilot seat.
  • Gravity Drive- Determines the range the ship can jump to when traveling through systems.
  • Hab or Habitation Unit(s)- Where the crew will spend most of their time.
  • Lander- Where the landing gear is stored.
  • Reactor- The main power source of the ship.
  • Shields- The ship’s main defense
  • Tank- Where the resources go.
  • Thruster- Engines and boosters.

The ship customization in Starfield has become one of the big selling points that many players have become excited about. When the game releases this Fall, it will be interesting to see the vast amount of unique creations players will come up with to optimize their effectiveness during space adventures.

Starfield is out September 6th, on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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