Do you believe? In aliens that is. Starfield is Bethesda’s first original IP in twenty five years. You don’t traverse just one planet, you can explore over one thousand. With so much being promised, you’d expect it to be brimming with story and lore. There may be advanced alien tech, but no intelligent life-form aliens themselves. Human will have to do all the thinking for now. Here are the religions we know so far.

House Va’ruun

Starfield Great Serpent Religion House Va'ruun

This religion seems the most cult-like so far. While a crew was grav-jumping, one member claimed to have spent more time in transit than the others. They were contacted by “The Great Serpent” with a harrowing message: it plans to encircle and devour the universe.

Many religions will offer their own buffs and debuffs if you join, including House Va’ruun. This religion requires you to continually grav-jump every four real-time hours or you will lose health and stats. In addition, being part of a religion will make you an ally, so you won’t be attacked by respective “hostile zealots”.

The Enlightened

Starfield Sky

If people believe in a higher power, then there is also atheism. That’s the Enlightened’s belief, or lack thereof. Without a benevolent, universal force they focus on community and helping one another. Despite their humanitarian efforts, they embargo the Sanctum Universum.

In the Starfield Direct, traits grant bonuses and a player can have up to three. You can choose the “Raise Enlightened” trait but must forgo any other religious trait, and vice versa. The player “gains access to a special chest full of items in the House of the Enlightened in New Atlantis, but lose[s] access to the Sanctum Universum chest.”

Sanctum Universum

Starfield Alien Tech

Probably the most popular religion, “Universals” believe that god is out in the universe now that mankind can travel the stars. They believe it’s their mission to find that divinity, and it’s inviting you to do so.

Real World Religions?

Starfield Alien Tech

Yes, real religions will exist in game. However, they’re not the focus. You may find people practicing or mentioning them, but the other three will certainly take the spotlight.

And that’s all for now. More info will come out when the game itself is released. Stay updated on all things Starfield. The absence of intelligent aliens is peculiar in a game about space exploration. But maybe they’re out there. Somewhere. Do you believe?

Starfield is planned to release September 6th on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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