The Bethesda event during GamesFest gave us a new look at their upcoming space opera: Starfield. What’s more, there was a great deal on display during their 45 min showcase.

The game has seen a bit more polish since the last time Bethesda showed it off, and after everything they showed, it left me asking the question: can they actually pull it off?

Because if they can, Starfield might just be the most ambitious console game of this generation. 

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First, a little about Bethesda’s newest IP. Starfield. Announced at Bethesda’s E3 presentation back in 2018, it’s garnered much interest, not to mention quite a bit of hype since then. 

We can assume that the years prior to this announcement were spent conceptualizing the game, and that the five years since then have been spent in development. Starfileld will have been in development for just over six years since it was first revealed. 

The game stars you, the now silent again protagonist, a new recruit for a mining outfit called the Argos Extractors. Soon, you will see yourself joining a group of space explorers who call themselves Constellation, after coming in contact with an artifact they believe to be of alien origin.

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Like all Bethesda games, this is surely the main questline that kicks off the game, but like many of their games, it’s only a portion of what you’ll be experiencing once the game lets you loose out into the stars. 


This is the description of Starfield currently making its way through the internet and I have to say, that’s selling this game short in my eyes.

Skyrim was vast and expansive, sure- but this game is MASSIVE.

Not just in terms of scale, but content. Since, we have to at least assume that Bethesda didn’t show us everything. Surely, they’ve kept parts of the game a secret(the space magic), ready to spring those secrets on us at the eleventh hour to guarantee those sweet sweet pre-orders, but I digress.

Because, everything they did show belies a level of ambition we haven’t seen from a developer since the days of Star Citizen (provided it ever releases) and that was on PC.

Here is a list of everything Bethesda’s hopes to include in the game, that we know of so far:

Space exploration

Outpost building

Boarding disabled ships and taking them for you own

Character choice/customization

Ship customization

Weapon customization

Skills, traits, and backgrounds that affect dialogue and character choice

A full fledged storyline

Multiple factions

Fully voiced characters that can join your party

Random encounters in space

Crafting/resource management

Planetary exploration

Multiple cities with their own distinct feel and style 

Ship to ship combat/dogfighting

And that’s just what we know about.

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New cities and spaces to explore, to name those that were shown during the reveal, include: Cydonia, New Atlantis, Akila City, Neon, The Red Mile, The Key, in the Crimson Fleet system. And those places oozed personality and flair and deserve a deep-dive all on their own.

With all of this on offer, I can’t help but be extremely excited for Starfield, aaand a bit apprehensive. I mean… It’s still Bethesda.


While I am keeping myself cautiously hyped for Starfield because I believe that Bethesda may have found a model for this game that works for them and the players who love their games. They’ve proven themselves adept at environmental story-telling in the past and they’ve may have just given themselves, and the player, countless environments(and stories) to explore.

And that gets me very amped to see what they do with all that runway. 

But, given Bethesda’s proclivity for releasing bug-ridden games, one cannot help but wonder if, with them releasing something of this scale and complexity, it’ll “just work” this time? 

I guess we will find out when Starfield releases on PC and Xbox series X/S on September 3, 2023.

See you out there, explorers.

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