If you’ve learned all about the United Colonies in Starfield, you might be eager to learn how to join them. Whether that’s for roleplay purposes or just to see how it goes, or maybe you’ve joined all the other factions and you’re achievement hunting; whatever the case, here’s how to sign up for this far-reaching faction.

Once you’ve done enough of the quests in the main game to learn about the United Colonies, you should be able to join them. First off, just head to the UC headquarters. Just fly to the planet of New Atlantis, to the city of Jemison, where you’ll find the aforementioned headquarters building.

Join the United Colonies in Starfield

starfield united colonies new atlantis city

Inside the MAST building, just find Commader Tuala, who will ask if you want to join the UC Vanguard. Obviously, you’ll want to pick the “Yes” option, since that’s why you’re here. From there, you’ll be redirected to the Orientation Hall, a small museum full of UC history, and then you’ll be asked to sign a contract on a computer terminal. After that is another elevator and a pilot simulator test, to make sure you can, you know, actually fly a spaceship.

Finally, you’ll meet with Commander Tuala again, who will evaluate your performance in the pilot sim and whether or not you actually noticed any of those museum displays back in the Orientation Hall. You’ll take an oath, but you’ll only become a probationary member. To actually become a full-fledged member of the United Colonies Vanguard, you’ll have to just do one little quest for them. After that, just swing back to New Atlantis, and congratulations, Captain! Welcome to the UC.

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