While only one companion can join you in your adventures in Starfield, several more can be recruited to help hold down the fort. In the beginning, you can only recruit two crew mates, but there are a couple of ways to increase the size of your crew.

The easiest and fastest way to increase your crew size is by putting skill points into the Ship Command skill from the third tier in the Social skill tree, increasing the capacity by +4/+5/+6/+8. Each rank-up of this skill requires you to destroy or board X number of enemy ships.

Ditch the Frontier

Starfield Social Skill Tree

The easiest way to increase the crew size of your ship is to get one for free by completing quests. There are a few you can obtain by completing quests. One ship I recommend getting early on is the Star Eagle, which can be obtained by completing the Freestar Ranger quest line. This class A ship has a base capacity of 5 crew members and does not require the Piloting Skill. However, I suggest you get to rank 2 which will help control your ship more efficiently. The Star Eagle is also miles better than the basic ship in terms of its firepower and defense.

Alternatively, you can buy the Class B ship, the Aegis, located in the Deimos Staryard on Sol. Considering it is a B-class ship, you need to get your Piloting Skill up to Rank 3, but it is an all-around good ship for offense and defense and can carry five crew members.

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Ship Modules

Of course, having a maxed-out Ship Command skill is useless if your ship can only hold two crew members. That is a reason why one of Starfield’s most important mechanics is the ability to customize your ship. Purchasing Habs and Cockpits from various vendors in the game’s major cities will increase the crew size of your ship. Many ships that allow for up to seven members are Type B and Type C, meaning you will need to unlock the corresponding Piloting Skill upgrade to use those ships.

Starfield Ship Customization

Regardless of whether you increase your ship’s crew size using the Ship Command skill, get lucky and steal one out in the wild, or modify your existing one, you can have a maximum of ten crew members aboard your vessel.

Starfield is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Gamepass, and Steam.

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