You may have heard of Starfield, Bethesda’s latest RPG taking place in the distant future, as humankind explores the stars. There’s quite a bit to do in this game, from joining factions, to shooting up the enemies of the ones you’ve joined, but along the way you’ll inevitably find yourself drawn by that irresistible urge that plagues all gamers: To loot absolutely anything and everything. Once you’ve grabbed everything that’s not nailed down, you might progress to the next base, the next area or outpost, and begin the process all over again, only to find your inventory’s full. So, that begs the question, how exactly do you get more cargo space in your ship?

Upgrade Your Ship

The first answer, as it turns out, is rather simple. If you head into basically any spaceport with a Ship Services terminal and open the dialogue to modify your ship, and go into the ship builder. From there, you can switch out your ship’s own cargo hold with a larger, more spacious one. This can sometimes make your ship look a bit clunky with a disproportionately large cargo hold, but since you’re already in the ship builder, you can always move some things around to make it more visually appealing. If this doesn’t do it, the alternative is to purchase a completely different ship with a larger cargo hold, but this will almost certainly be more expensive than simply upgrading the ship you already own.

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The Payload Tech Skill

starfield skill upgrade tech payload

Another way to expand your cargo space is by upgrading yourself; there’s a skill in the Tech skill tree called ‘Payloads’ which will let you carry more cargo. Unfortunately, it will of course cost you your skill points that can be used on other things, so this is really only worth it if you’re planning on making your cargo space a large part of your playstyle. If you’re roleplaying as a smuggler, that’ll be great, but otherwise, maybe just stick to upgrading your ship.

In the end, the best way to increase your ship’s cargo space is to simply upgrade it. Though it might be somewhat unsightly, it’ll let you carry more stuff without buying a whole new ship or using any of your hard-earned skill points.

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