In Starfield, you will never be completely alone in your journey throughout space across the Settled Systems. With there being many lifeforms out there, there are bound to be some hostile forces looking for prey. Over one thousand worlds means that there is a good chunk of space that could be occupied by those that may be a little less than friendly. Whether they are trying to protect themselves or act on the offensive, players are going to need a well-equipped ship as well as good pilot skills if they want to survive any dangerous encounters on their adventures.

How Combat Will Work

Starfield Space Combat

Some of the groups that may notice you while in space are spacers, pirates, and religious zealots. Depending on what factions you have aligned yourself with, they may see you as a threat or someone they can attack for supplies. If that is the case, you may need to defend yourself in dogfight-style ship combat.

First-person view is recommended while in combat, but it is not necessary. The HUD on your ship will display how your energy is being allocated throughout the systems of your ship, which can be managed depending on whether you want to fight or try to make an escape. The different systems include your shields, grav drive, and your different weapon systems. 

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When choosing to fight, the first focus must be to take down the enemy ship’s shields. Hovering the reticle over the targeted ship will increase a lock-on bar that will allow you to fully lock onto the enemy once it reaches 100%. It is important to note that a ship may fire its blasters or missiles without being 100% locked onto the target. Once the shields are down you will be able to target the different parts of the ship. You may choose which parts to target depending on which you would like to disable first. Disabling certain parts can allow you to board, or you can go for the reactor to strike a critical hit.

Hostile Takeover

If you manage to disable the vessel of the enemy ship, you will be able to dock and board it. After boarding, the battle will transition to regular on-foot combat. If you took out the gravity systems, you will enter a zero-gravity shootout. Completely taking over a ship will grant you the enemy ship to add to your collection, or you can just take the supplies and leave the ship to drift through the endless space. Supplies taken from the ship can give you parts for crafting or for supplying your character.

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Starfield is available September 6th, on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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