Starfield is an open-world sci-fi RPG by Bethesda, taking place across the stars. The game already has over 100,000 players and has been out for less than a month. The game features an expansive galaxy to explore, a deep story to discover, and a galaxy full of NPCs to meet and interact with. Players can choose to fight, trade, and explore the galaxy as they wish. Naturally, the game also has a number of factions the player can join, some less legal than others.

Who Are the United Colonies?

starfield united colonies symbol logo emblem
The UC Emblem

One of the more legal factions in the game is the United Colonies, a group that’s had a long-running presence in the galaxy, and a tumultuous history with some of the other factions, including a history of conflict with Freestar. In the current storyline of the game, the United Colonies military forces have been on high alert due to attacks by the pirate faction known as the Crimson Fleet. The UC is overseen by a council known as the Military, Administrative, and Scientific Triumvirate (MAST).

Earning a spot in the citizenship of the United Colonies is no easy task, but it can be done by serving in any of the branches of the UC’s military forces (the only option for foreigners is to sign up with the UC Vanguard). There are a number of benefits to joining with the United Colonies, among them are credit payouts, discounts at UC-owned businesses, and rights to your very own residence in the UC capital colony, New Atlantis.

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starfield united colonies new atlantis city
New Atlantis, the UC capital (image credit: Starfield Wiki)

In all, the United Colonies are definitely someone to watch out for on your journey across the galaxy.

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