Starfield is set to be Bethesda’s largest game to date which is an incredible feat when compared to games like Skyrim and Fallout 4. Like their other games, there will be multiple factions throughout the world, or universe in this case. One of the core features will allow players to interact with, and even join some of these factions. 

Each faction in Starfield will alter playthroughs in a significant way, similar to The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series, allowing for some good replayability for those that want to explore every aspect of the game. One of the main factions players will have multiple encounters with is the Crimson Fleet. 

The Crimson Fleet

Crimson Fleet Pirate Starfield

The Crimson Fleet is composed of space pirates whose goal is to continually expand their criminal empire. They behave similarly to raiders you may come across in Fallout except they come across a bit more structured and less scattered. However, this will be a raider group players will be able to join if they choose to do so. Unlike other factions, they are split up into multiple groups led by different pirate captains as opposed to being a structured, single organization. They are seemingly presented as the morally “bad” faction, if you choose to look at them that way. Staying with the pirate theme, they bear a modified jolly roger emblem as well as red armor and skull-shaped face masks.

The headquarters of these pirates is a space station called The Key which formerly belonged to the United Colonies. In a gameplay video, we see them on Kreet which seems to be a location of a moon base they have.  While they have expanded to the Kryx system as well as Sagan, Lunara, Cheyenne, and Narion, they are still working on growing further. Players can choose to help or deter this growth. Besides that, not much has been shown on the different locations they reside in.

A Growing Threat

Starfield Crimson Fleet Combat

The Crimson Fleet was originally a small pirate group that the Freestar Collective had tried to deal with on their own. In 2330, they had expanded into the systems we see them settling in during the events of the game. 

During their journeys, players will have many interactions with the Crimson Fleet which may result in violence or a peaceful resolution depending on if they are willing to talk it out or not. In one of the gameplay videos shown to us, we can see an interaction with the pirates ending peacefully. Joining the pirates will, of course, lead them to be a bit more friendly towards the player. Despite joining them though, the player can still decide if they really want to help them, or use the information they learn about their plans to report them to authorities. Being part of the Crimson Fleet will seemingly allow players to live out their fantasies as a loyal space pirate, or work undercover to sabotage their plans. 

Starfield is available September 6th, on Xbox Series X/S and PC

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