One of the largest factions players will meet in Starfield will be the Freestar Collective, a confederation with the second largest militaristic presence across the settled systems. Their wild west aesthetics and desert capital have been appealing to many of the players who took notice of them in the few trailers we have seen them in. 

With Starfield’s launch on the horizon, the hype is at an all-time high for players who are interested in Bethesda’s new adventurous role-playing game. If the showcases, trailers, and updates are any indication, it seems that this game will be massive with lots of content to keep everyone busy while playing.

Beginning of the Freestar Collective

Starfield Akila City

It is projected that the Freestar Collective was founded in 2189 after a group of members from the United Colonies decided to break off, and they settled in their capital, Akila City, which was founded by Solomon Coe in 2167. The Volli and Cheyenne were convinced to form an alliance by Solomon Coe a year prior to the formation of the Freestar Collective which they ended up being part of. 

The Narion system would join in 2194 after the United Colonies refused to remove a space station above one of their planets. This would later result in the Narion War after the UC and Freestar Collective would send fleets to the system, and this war wouldn’t end until 2216 when the Treaty of Narion was signed by both parties. The signing of this treaty resulted in Narion officially being recognized as part of the Freestar Collective.

Sometime after this conflict, the Freestar Rangers would be formed. These are highly trained soldiers meant to protect the citizens of Akila City. 

The UC made claims, after the Freestar Collective built a farming colony on Lunara in 2307, that they were in violation of the treaty due to them expanding past their limit. Despite attempts at negotiation, this disagreement led to the second major conflict between the two factions, later known as the Colony War. After a few years, peace was made in 2311. 

A Protected Capital

Starfield Akila City Walls

Freestar Collective’s capital, Akila City, is similar to the UC’s New Atlantis in that it acts as a main base of operations and central hub for the group. This city has been spotted multiple times in trailers, showcases, and in the animated short video, Where Hope Is Built. Concept art showcases the large wall built around Akila City that’s made to protect its citizens from harm against the Ashta.

However, this wall also keeps anyone from leaving, despite the Freestar Collective being big advocates of personal freedom. At the moment, not much is known about how players will be able to join this group, but some suspect that it will involve interacting with key figures at The Rock in Akila City which is the headquarters for the Freestar Collective.

Starfield is available September 6th, on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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