The traits you pick in Starfield may greatly affect your playstyle. They can offer large bonuses, but will come with their own penalties. Here’s a guide to help you choose. In addition, traits are completely optional unlike backgrounds: you can pick up to three traits or none at all.

Some traits are exclusive to one another. For example, the Introvert and Extrovert can’t coexist. Multiple faction and religion traits are exclusive to each other as well. You can also eliminate traits in your game, like murdering your Adoring Fan. So far, we don’t know of any way to regain lost traits.

Alien DNA

Pretty self-explanatory. You have increased health and oxygen, but healing and food heal for less than normal. You can see a doctor and get the Alien DNA out of you, removing the effect.

Starfield Alien DNA Trait

Dream Home

You have a customizable, large home when you start. But it comes with a weekly 125,000 credit mortgage.

Starfield Dream Home Trait


This trait will be popular amongst roleplayers. Choosing your companions’ favored dialogue choice will boost your combat stats for awhile. But it’s a double-edged sword. If a companion disapproves, your combat stats will take a temporary hit.

Starfield Empath Trait

Extrovert Or Introvert Traits?

These two traits are exclusive to one another. Actions that consume oxygen, like sprinting, depend on companion presence. Extrovert is more oxygen efficient with companions around you. Introvert is more oxygen efficient when traveling alone.

Starfield Trait Introvet Extrovert

Faction Traits

Starfield Faction Trait

These traits are exclusive to one another. They unlock respective dialogue options and better rewards in some faction quests. However, choosing one greatly increases other factions’ crime bounties.

Starfield Trait Factions

Hero Worshipped

Personally, I would choose this trait. An adoring fan will join and shower you with gifts, but can you handle his blabbermouth? If you can’t, just send him to work at an outpost. Adding him into your crew seems to keep him out of your way though, like a free crew member. You can dismiss or kill your fan, but you wouldn’t want to do that, right?

Starfield Hero Worshipped Trait

Kid Stuff

You can visit your parents in New Atlantis and pick up your High School Bag. It increases your carrying capacity by 10kg. Your parents will give gifts throughout your journey, and will even visit during Constellation meetings. The penalty for all this is a 2% credit deduction. If you don’t want your parents or the tax anymore, you can talk to them. They decide they need to move somewhere cheaper and will leave permanently.

Starfield Kid Stuff Trait

Religion Traits

Starfield Religion

These traits are exclusive to one another. Enlightened and Universal traits unlock a special chest in their respective locations in New Atlantis, while losing the other’s chest. Serpent’s Embrace adds a bonus to health and oxygen when grav-jumping, around every four real-time hours. The downside is you lose out on stats when not grav-jumping regularly.

Starfield Religion Traits

Spaced vs. Terra Firma Traits

These two traits are exclusive to one another. You have better health and oxygen in space with Spaced, but lesser stats on the surface of planets. Terra Firma is the opposite, better stats on the surface with worse stats in space.

Starfield Spaced Terra Firma Trait


Starfield Crew Ship

This trait in Starfield seems really good. Although crew members cost twice as much, they will “occasionally” heal a ship system when below half health. We don’t know how often this ship repair takes place.

Taskmaster Starfield Trait


Space mercenaries will hunt you down throughout the galaxy with this trait. On the upside, you gain a damage boost when at low health.

Wanted Starfield Trait

So with these traits listed, we hope it’ll help you round out your character. Have fun out there in Starfield!

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