Have you ever wanted to travel to another galaxy or pilot your own a spaceship? I have the perfect game for you. Starfield is a game that will reach many different audiences; introducing an array of complex gameplay, including skills trees, unique storylines, and so much more.

As you begin, keep in mind, your mission in Starfield will be no small feat. And, I think we can all agree, no one is solving any space mysteries or, accomplishing many achievements, without a strong and reliable crew. This article will highlight the current crew members and give you a few pointers on how to build the best crew.

Known Starfield Crew Members

The Current Known Starfield Crew Members

In Starfield, it will be your job to put together a crew you can depend on. So far, we have been introduced to 7 crew members, 4 of which will double as companions. This is your chance to see a rundown of each one.

You might will find that companions are stronger than regular crew members. However, note that crew members are essential for keeping your mission on track. Each member has their own set of skills and talents; make sure their specialties and skills are different so you have a well-rounded team.

Marika Boros


Heller will be essential for base building. Heller looks to be a miner and could be one of the first NPCs you meet. When you are looking for someone to manage an outpost, he’s the crew member you want.

Companion: No

Heller and skills shown

Adoring Fan

Adoring Fan is an interesting character. He is unlocked early, if the player chooses the Hero Worshipped trait. He is a bit of an annoying leech, but will give you gifts regularly. Adoring Fan brings a little added torment or treasure to Starfield depending on how you look at it.

Location: New Atlantis
Companion: No

Adoring Fan and Skills

Sarah Morgan

Sarah is the leader of the Constellation faction. Her primary goal is to find artifacts cast across the Settled Systems. Being both an adventurer and ex-soldier, Morgan will add excellent leadership to the crew.

Location: Constellation Headquarters, New Atlantis
Companion: Yes

Starfield Sarah Morgan and skills

Sam Coe

Sam is a wild west, ex-space cowboy. He has shown to be an excellent pilot and is perfect for quick-draw or long-distance combat. He is a heavy-hitter for any crew looking for someone with a bit of a dark side.

Location: Akila City
Companion: Yes

Same Coe and Skills



The beloved Vasco has exploration on his mind. He is a robotic companion, rebuilt to fit Constellations criteria. Suited for rough environments and space travel, Vasco is also equip with defensive gear. He is ready to explore and battle, making a great addition to your bunch.

Location: Argos Extractors Mining Outpost
Companion: Yes

Starfield Vasco

The Best Starfield Crew

Stafield skill gameplay montage

Luckily, building the best team, might not be all that tricky. Since there are only 7 crew members that have been announced, you won’t have a ton of different options for your crew. In fact, your crew will be made up of around 20 people, so all of the aforementioned members will make good candidates. As you learn about each member more, you might become more comfortable with some skills over others. Using this to your advantage will help you personalize your strategy; focusing on areas you excel in. Again, just make sure you have a wide variety of talent on your team and, as a player, focus on becoming more in tune with weaker skills.

Skills Available in Starfield

There are over 82 skills in Starfield, broken up into 5 categories; most of them having five ranks. Below you will find some of the best skills and a few others.






Ballistic Weapon Systems
Target Controls System

*look out for skills including certification, these will come in handy.

Ready for Launch

Starfield Astronaut and planet

So, we covered some of the crew basics; but have only touched the surface when talking about the intricacies of Starfield. There will be many other things to uncover and mysteries that seem impossible to solve, but you’ll get a handle on things. Also, don’t be worried about making the wrong choice; once you are done with the main storyline, you can play again. Don’t miss your chance on this intergalactic opportunity; Starfield is currently available for pre-order for Xbox X/S and PCs (Windows and OS).

Starfield will be available to play on Xbox X/S and PCs starting September 6th, and is available for pre-order now and early access on August 31st at 5pm(PDT).

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