You probably remember the announcement of the release of the new open-world RPG game Starfield by Bethesda, and those who are still eagerly anticipating the release should be excited to get their hands on any Starfield merchandise available. I wrote last week about the new Starfield space-worthy wristwatch, but just recently there were some interesting new Starfield items available for pre-order with the game itself. These new items will likely appeal to gamers more than a watch: The Xbox Starfield Wireless Headset and Xbox Controller.

Starfield Headset

Yes, this offer is only available for Xbox players, but for those who want to immerse themselves in this game as much as possible, these are the items to get. Boasting ultrasoft earcups, superb audio and chat quality, and support for spatial sound technologies to simulate stereo surround sound, the headphones alone are well worth a look. If you don’t already have a good pair of headphones, or if you’re looking to replace an older pair (because let’s face it, most tech companies design their products not to last so you have to upgrade every two years or so), this headset should be your first stop.

The controller is also a great addition to any Starfield fan’s collection. The headphones might feel great, might sound great, might look good while you’re wearing them, but you can’t actually see them while they’re on your head. On the other hand, imagine soaring through the galaxy only to glance down and see the controller in your hands, helping pilot your starship or maneuver your customized character through the vast galaxy of Starfield.

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Starfield is out September 6th, on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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