Out of the eleven traits available in Starfield, you can only choose three and cannot replace them, although can be removed. Most are great for those who want to roleplay a character, while others also have tangible rewards that will help you get started. These vary from unnecessary to decent. Here are the three traits I believe you should use during your space adventures.

1. Terra Firma

Choosing this trait will increase your health and oxygen while on the surface of a planet. The drawback is that your health and oxygen will decrease while in space. I suggest this over its counterpart, Spaced because you are more likely to spend time on a planet than in space. Plus, considering Starfield does not have a level cap, you will likely be putting points into skills that affect your base health, regen, and damage reduction, such as Wellness, Pain Tolerance, and Rejuvenation. So, it balances out in the end, though this will take a while.

2. Kid Stuff

While this is mostly for players wanting to Roleplay, the Kid Stuff trait has some usefulness for those starting. This trait allows you to live with your parents, but you will owe them 2% of your credits each in-game week. This isn’t a huge deal because you will likely have more than enough credits to buy whatever you need.

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The upside to having parents in Starfield is two-fold. For one, you’ll have conversations with your parents, have a place to stay (and won’t have a 125,000 Credit mortgage that has to be paid weekly), and even get some gifts. These gifts include gear that, while far from the best in the game, is decent for the early parts of the game.

Starfield Kid Stuff Trait

3. Empath

While adventuring out in space you will come across a few companions that you can romance. Just like Bethesda’s past RPGs, Starfield companions will like or dislike certain actions. With the Empath trait, your actions will either increase or decrease the damage you deal, depending on whether your companions like your actions.

Starfield Empath Trait

Starfield is out now on Xbox Series X/S and Steam.

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