This article focuses on Ezra Bridger and his role in Ahsoka. Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t seen the first seven chapters of Ahsoka.

By now the Loth-cat is out of the bag. Sabine Wren has found Ezra Bridger. At the end of chapter six, the two were reunited. This after Sabine disregarded Ahsoka Tano’s warning to destroy the Nightsister’s map, allowing the bad guys to locate Grand Admiral Thrawn.

At this point, some viewers are probably wondering why Sabine did that. Why she would go against her master’s wish. Why she would endanger her friend Hera Syndulla and the entire Republic fleet just to find one man. Albeit, that one man is a Jedi. One who can communicate with animals (purrgil, Loth-cats, Loth-wolves, etc.), not to mention opening a doorway to the World Between Worlds. Yet, the question remains — is he more important than the villainous Thrawn?

By most accounts, no. Thrawn is definitely a far greater danger. He can — and has — single-handedly changed the course of battles, campaigns, and the rise and fall of governments. His tactical acumen is without compare. Meanwhile, Ezra’s potential is still unknown. When he called upon the purrgil to exile Thrawn, he hadn’t yet finished his training under Kanan Jarrus. While he had shown great improvement to that point and had performed some great feats, a lot of that was dependent on his teachings, which are now lost to him.

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What Was Sabine Thinking?

Sabine Wren

It’s no secret that Sabine has feelings for Ezra. What started off as a young crush on Ezra’s part later morphed into sibling love territory before finally settling on mutual love and respect. In the latter half of the Rebels final season, Sabine became increasingly close to him. She worried about his future and his personal vendetta to take down Thrawn.

Thus, it’s not overly shocking that she would risk a lot to get him back. In Ezra, Sabine sees a fellow sufferer. An orphan with a complicated familial past who’s seeking a new family. Both, of course, found that with Hera and the Ghost crew, but theirs was something special. Not as overt as Hera and Kanon when it came to relationship status but not far off.

Therefore, it’s likely Sabine was thinking selfishly. She wants her partner back. She doesn’t care about the larger picture. What matters most is what she’s been denied for nearly a decade. In her mind it’s a no-brainer. Ezra is worth more than Thrawn, despite the illogic of her conclusion.

Will Ezra Bridger Be Worth It?

Ezra Bridger as seen in Ahsoka

There’s already clear indications that Thrawn will outlive the Ahsoka series and find his way into a movie. The same can’t be said of Ezra. At the moment his future path is unknown. What role he’ll play in the rest of the series — to say nothing of a movie — is circumspect.

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If we go by what we’ve already seen in the Rebels show, however, his future should be bright. He is, after all, one of the most powerful Force users alive. He’s been stuck head to head with Thrawn and at least three Nightsisters for nearly a decade. And seems to have gained the upper hand. Ezra also has that tie to the World Between Worlds — giving him potential control over time and space.

None of that, of course, will matter if the powers that be don’t want him to impede Thrawn (which he’s already done). Chances are Ezra may be written out of the action. After all, the show is named after Ahsoka. The villain is Thrawn. Likely, Ezra will be a casualty of too little screen time, making Sabine’s bet a poor one.

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