Star Wars is one of the biggest franchises and Cinematic Universes ever created. Disney has capitalized on this with their 4 Billion Dollar purchase and capitalized on it via merchandise sales. One thing that has been growing significantly in the Star Wars Community merchandise-wise is Funko Pops. However, more are starting to come out, and they are focused on Star Wars Return of the Jedi as the 40th Anniversary of the release of the movie is coming soon.

What Are Funko Pops?

Funko Pops are these statuettes that are 4 inches in height. They sometimes have pop culture/movie characters on there, and you often see them in offices, homes, cars, and barbershops (Yes, I have seen them in the barbershop that I go to).

Well, many Star Wars Funko Pops are available to purchase via Preorder on Amazon. It would be cool to take a look at each Funko Pop and give my reaction to how it looks.

Available April 24th

Darth Vader vs Luke Skywalker

This is an excellent design and idea. However, I prefer something other than this background. It would have been cool if there were stars in the background or a throne room with Emperor Palpatine sitting in it. Besides that it is a great piece to have on your desk or shelf.

Price – $34.99

Princess Leia (Endor)

This is another cool one. I have to say I think Leia on Endor is her best attire throughout the Star Wars original trilogy. Maybe it is because Green is my favorite color, or I love the Endor background, but this design is great.

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Price – $12.99

Available May 1st

Jabba The Hut with Salacious

Ok, this looks so cool design-wise. I love how Jabba the Hut looks and find it incredible that Salacious is with him in this Funko Pop. The hookah next to Jabba is excellent. The Hidden detail is the rug underneath him which is a great add.

Price – $29.99


I get why many are not a fan of the Ewoks, but to me, they’re great. Maybe you all need to watch Caravan of Courage and get back to me. I would prefer that they used Wookies in that movie, but Ewoks are still cool. One of the main ones is called Wicket, and I like how they made his Funko Pop.

Price – $12.99

Darth Vader Maskless

As I said, I am not a big fan of Funko Pops, but this one is on my must-buy list. Darth Vader maskless is so cool, and I like how they did the scars on this Funko Pop.

Price – $12.99

 Princess Leia (Boushh)

Not bad, and I am glad they got the spear in this. My one nitpick is that this version does not have the Anti Freeze for unfreezing Han Solo in the Movie. Despite that, and the body/base is a bit short, I give this one a thumbs up.

Price -$12.99

C3PO in Chair

One thing I am not a fan of with Funko Pops is how big their eyes are. I find it creepy, but others don’t, and they keep being made. The only time the big eyes are the best is with droids, especially with C3PO, which was excellent. I like the chair he is on and the base of it being logs, as C3PO was on Endor and the Ewok’s home was high in the trees.

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Price – $12.99

Luke Skywalker

This looks pretty bland for Luke Skywalker. My question is, where the heck is his lightsaber? I get that he has a blaster throughout the trilogy, but this would be better if his lightsaber was on his belt buckle.

Price – $12.99

Available May 5th

Luke Skywalker (Jabba’s Skiff)

Now there is Luke’s lightsaber. Okay, on a serious note, this looks super cool with the Funko Pop using the same pose in the movie.

Price – $34.99

Chewbacca (Jabba’s Skiff)

Pretty cool design and I like the smile that Chewbacca is doing while in the Skiff.

Price – $34.99

Glow in the Dark Luke Skywalker

Wow, super cool that this glows in the dark. When looking at the price compared to the rest available, this is the best deal for 15 dollars. I think that is a pretty good deal for an extra 2 dollars to glow in the dark.

Price – $14.99

Darth Sidious Throne

I love how this looks with the orange/yellow eyes. It makes this one stand out from the bunch. I also like the throne he is sitting on as well.

Price – $14.90

Darth Vader Keychain

Keychains are a good get sometimes. I am not a big fan of spending a lot on them, but for the right price, I can get one to put on my keys, whether for my car, work, or home.

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Price – $8.90

Available May 6th

Max Remo Bobblehead & Pop Protector

I am not a fan of Max Remo and this bobblehead. The Pop protector is intriguing, but I’d like to know if there will be an option for that on every Funko Pop.

Price – $19.76

Available May 9th

Ewok Drummer

This one is my favorite out of all Ewoks as it showcased the type of Stormtrooper helmets and him using it as drums during the end of Return of the Jedi.

Price – $16.99

So those are the Funko Pops that are available for purchase on Pre-Order. There are some hits and some misses with this bunch. Which ones do you like let us know in the comments section.

These Funko Pops will be available to purchase on Amazon, Target, GameStop, and etc. Also, you can help support Strangely Awesome Games by pre-ordering them here:

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